Maharaja Ranjit Singh 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gurwaksh comes home. Sada and Mehtab are worried. Gurwaksh says dont’ cry Mehtab. I can’t see tears in your eyes. She hugs him. She says I was so scared. Don’t leave me please. What if something happened to me. Gurwaksh says I will be there for you always. She says then don’t do these battles. He says don’t worry. I had a fighter with me. Mehtab says who? He points at Ranjit. Ranjit smiles. Sada says thank you Ranjit. God bless you.
Ranjit asks Mehtab not to cry. She swipes her tears. Gurwaksh says I got you wrong that day. I didn’t understand. You proved that you are a lion. Mehtab says he saved our lives too. Gurwakhs says you are great Ranjit. Ranjit says I want to say something. He says a selfish person can do anything to get what he

wants. Please be careful from Ghulam. This is my request to you. Gurwaksh says don’t worry. Ranjit leaves.

Gurwaksh says to Sada I think Mehtab and Ranjit like each other. They will make good life partner. She is dazed. This time I will talk to Mahan about it. She says no. He says but why? She says I mean you need rest.

Scene 2
Raj is making an embroidery.He says for whom is it for? She says for Ranjits’ wife. Mahan says who? She says Mehtab. I think they really like each other. Mahan says what? Raj says they know each other well. I think she is a very nice girl. This marriage will make our friendship with them stronger. Mahan nods and smiles.

Mehtab comes after ranjit. He says don’t give me a gift.She says I wanted to say something. You are an angel for us. I want to gift you something you want. He says I can ask for anything? She says yes. He says close your eyes and be silent for a few minutes. She says don’t joke. Ranjit says I am not even. Mehtab says okay if thats what you want. She closes her eyes. She opens and ranjit disappears.

Sada says I think we should thank Ghulam for saving your life. He says yes. Sada says but Ranjit asked you stay careful from him. Gurwaksh says Ranjit is a child. But Ghulam has asked for a weird thing. He wants Rasul Nagar.
Ranjit tells Mahan Ghulamn’s demand. He says I will never let him enter there.

Ghulam says after years we will enter Rasul Nagar. thank you for you sacrifice Abdullah. I won Gurwaksh’s trust and proved auto that I am a real man. I know I did wrong with you Abdullah Khan but everything is fair Your sacrifice wont go in vain. We will rule Rasul Nagar again.
Sada says Mahan will never agree for this rasul nagar thing. This means I have to use Ghulam my pawn so it creates problems between my husband and Mahan.

Ranjit is on his way. He sees a man and asks him to stop. Ranjit takes out his sword. He says I am sorry. I am a messanger of Ghulam. I as going to Gurwaksh to give him this message. Ranjit takes the letter from him and asks him to leave.

Sada says to Gurwaksh I want to celebrate that you are well. I will invite everyone. Ghulam too because he saved your life. Gurwaksh says yes he did a favor on me. Sada says yes and we return favors. Gurwaksh says he wants me to give him rasul naagar. Mahan wont ever agree. Sada says Mahan would agree. He cares for your life.

Precap-Sahib has abducted Raj and Roop. A girl informs Ranjit. Ranjit is coming towards sahib’s house.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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