Maharaja Ranjit Singh 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit says I won’t let anything happen to my teacher. We will save those women. Veer says I am going there.
Mahan says where are you son? Daal says this is an insult to the competition. Sahib says we want to give Ranjit a chance too but I don’t think he will come. Mahan says yes he will.
Ranjit says I will go where my people need me. A title is not more important than my people.
Guddo says we better kill ourselves instead of being used my them. All the women say yes.. They break their bangles. Guddo slits her wrist. She suddenly sees Mehtan and stops.

Dal says we can’t wait anymore. Everyone forces on starting the competition.
Veer comes there. All the women are crying. Abdullah says welcome. Our hide and seek is over. Veer says

let the women go first. Abdullah says if this hurts you I will increase it. You can’t see but you can hear. Make him hear the screams. The men go towards women. They scream. Veer says leave the women. Abdullah says this is just beginning.

A servant comes to Sada and tells her everything. He tells about mehtab too. She gets angry and says you came here.. Mehtab..Where are you. Mehtab comes to the women and tries to break the lock. A soldier comes and she hides. Abdllah says hit him. All the soldiers hit veer.
Ranjit comes outside with his mates.
They peek inside. Ranjit says I have a solution. He sneaks inside and hits a soldier. They hide in a cart.

Adam says our mission is working. They will kill each other.
Ranjit sees guns and bombs. He says this means they are with Britishers. They take the cart inside.
Dal says enough is enough. The competition is starting. horse racing is the first competition. Ghulab sits on his horse. He does the best.
Abdullah’s men are hitting Veer. Mehtab is hidden. She sees Ranjit. Ranjit tries to unlock the women. Mehtab sends slingshots.
Ranjit says don’t be scared. Tai says I know who you are. You are here to save us? Ranjit says yes. All the trainees hide inside. They kill soldiers one by one. Abdullah is sleeping inside.
He comes outside and sees him men injured. Veer and Ranjit have ran. Abdullah calls more men but before they come out their palace blows with their own bombs.

Soldiers come towards women to burn them. Ranjit comes and hits them. He releases the women. A soldier sees Mehtab and grasps her. He tries to take her. Ranjit is going out with women. Mehtab hits his head with stone. Mehtab says Ranjitt.. Another bomb blasts. Mehtab falls down. A pills falls on her leg.

Precap-Veer says to women go with Ranjit. Guddo says Mehtab is inside.. Ranjit is dazed. He says Mehtab.. Abdullah sees Mehtab.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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