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Mahakumbh 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dansh talking to Rao and Grierson. Dansh says he will kill anyone who comes in his way, and Rudra first. Rao says Rudra is Garuda, win Amrit and Garuda will bend. Dansh says he is not just a Garuda, he has ruined Naaglok, and made me fall in my to be wife’s eyes, Amrit will calm Naaglok, not me, I want to see Rudra’s death. Rao smiles. Charles and Rudra see the cloud. The people panic. The Garudas do their duty. They all are shocked seeing the cloud bursting down. The fireball hits the Ganga and water evaporates. Rudra and Charles are angry seeing this.

The people start running again to save their lives. Bhairavi sees the Ganga waters drying. She cries and says its too late now, don’t know will Ganga forgive them or not. Shivanand comes to her and cries. He says we

could not saved our mother(referring to Ganga), but she has gone. He says he will never be able to forgive himself. Rudra recalls his childhood, and the moment to dive in the river. The news covers this and minister asks the people to maintain peace, they all have to fight with this united.

The reporter asks them to think of a life without water, and how Ganga has dried after the cloud burst. Bhairavi and Shivanand walk seeing the dry land and all the junk on the ground, after the Ganga dried. The thirsty crows kaw. Shivanand says I wish its some bad dream, and blames himself feeling guilty. He says its all because of Dakshak, but seeing this he feels this was destined. She says they don’t have any mum’s love now, and cries. She says mum can do anything for a child, but not this insult. They hear the police vacating the Kumbh and stopping them.Thapadiya Maai and Katherine are at hospital. Thapadiya Maai asks them to have hope.

A saint scares people of the drying Ganga and now their children will die. He asks the people to donate their cash, jewelry and clothes, else Ganga will never come back. He winks and people start putting their jewelry to donate. Bhairavi and Shivanand see this. Shivanand asks the saint what will he donate, his fakeness or cheat. The people look on. Shivanand walks to him. He exposes the saint and says we got punished for our deeds, we have disrespected Ganga every day and made it polluted.

Bhairavi reminds them the pure Ganga, the water made their lives run, like it had Amrit. Shivanand says and today it has pollution, plastic, junk and even dead bodies. The man tries to run and people catch him, Shivanand says Ganga cried and they did not care and made it worse being selfish, and now Ganga has answered. Bhairavi says they cheated her, she wanted care and service. The people ask how to regret. Bhairavi says mum can be rude, but she can’t see her child in pain, we have to make her realize we will keep her pure and not pollute the waters, she wants our devotion more than our repentance, I m sure Ganga will come back. They all say Ganga Maiyya ki Jai.

The water tankers are in Rao and Dansh’s clutches. The people die to get water. The minister promises everyone of supplying water. Shivanand asks how will he fulfill his words and arrange water. Rudra says he knows how to arrange it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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