Mahakumbh 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairavi lighting diya in putting garlands on pic frame of Rudra’s family. She says we are going to get Shivanand. Rudra comes and says Maai Mui. She asks are they prepared. She says this tilak, think its from Ganga’s hand. She applies tilak to Rudra, Charles and Tiwari. Rudra takes her blessings. She says this blessing is from Dadi, and Punnu and Sahadev’s wishes are also with you. They all take her blessing and Rudra looks at the pics.

She says Naag knows that Garudas get weak by emotions, show them that these emotions are biggest strength of the Garuda, they should regret that they don’t have this strength. They leave in the jeep. Thapadiya Maai takes care of Maya and says she will be fine, Rudra has come. Katherine brings fresh warm water. She says she will just

come. Rudra, Charles and Tiwari are on the way.

Leela asks Dansh to listen to her. He gets angry and asks her not to come after him. She asks why, will you kill me, now I know we came here for Garuida and that torture was not needed at all. Rudra says where will they hide now. Tiwari says we have to leave jeep here and walk there, Rudra shows the map and they start going inside the jungle. Rudra says not so far now and shows the place, saying now Naag and Garuda will face each other. Leela asks Dansh to listen to her. He says I will, when you don’t interfere. She says I want to help you. He holds her close and says do the work for what you are in my life. She says leave me. He says you came after me, so don’t complain, and holds her face.

She says you are hurting me. He says this looks good. She says give responsibility to me to get the info from that man, then see how I do that work by love, not torture. He says if you express love to anyone else than me, then I will not leave you. She says Naag does not cheat. He says when I see in your lies, I get a warning that you will cheat me some day. He leaves. Katherine meets Grierson and asks why did he call her. He says I came to talk, and asks about Shivanand and Rudra’s disappearance, she did not inform him, why. He advices her to not shift loyalties. She slaps him and says I don’t care, I warn you if you want to live, go back, you can’t guess on what level is this game now, you can’t imagine. He says you can’t guess whats in my hands, you don’t know my power and position, betray me and see, you will know.

She says I wanted to see your confidence and hear this from you, this is not fight, its war and I m sure you are ready for it, I was with you and will be with you. He says I knew it, you can’t break my trust. They smile. Naags asks Dansh to order them. Dansh shows the chemicals.He asks whats our speciality, speed and poison, and asks them to plant the chemical bombs in Mahakumbh. He asks them to activate it when he calls and it will explode in 60secs, the fourth one is gift for Rudra and I will make this reach him.

Guru ji says if we use three together, Rudra will not get chance to diffuse it. Dansh says its Rudra’s headache, why should we think of this. Dansh ignites the fire and Guru asks him not to get his hands burnt. Dansh sees a think scaly strip and says I waited for Rudra since years, lets test him on this, we should do something new. He puts it there on ground and smiles. Rudra, Charles and Tiwari come there and see all Naags have left the place. They find the scaly strip and Rudra says it means they were here. Charles says the fire is lit just now, its hot, it means its not much time they went. Rudra visualizes Shivanand and the place. Tiwari says they will not go far. Rudra visualizes the Naags in Mahakumbh and sees the chemical bombs with them. He is stunned and say sectors where they are keeping the bombs.

Tiwari asks what. Rudra says they have doing blasts in Mahakumbh. Tiwari informs his staff to vacate the areas. Charles asks about his dad. Tiwari says he is in danger, we have to save him. Rudra says many people’s life is at stake. Tiwari says I informed the force. Rudra says even Baba would have told us to do this, its not Rudra infront of you, but Garuda head, who is saying we have to stop the blasts.

The trio tries to stop the blasts, while Dansh does the countdown.

Update Credit to: Amena

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