Mahakumbh 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dansh hugging the Naag box. He says we gave Maya the poison to make Rudra weak, but it did not affect him, but now it will affect him. Guru asks whats in this box. Dansh says chemical bomb and winks. He opens the box and shows it. Rudra says we got your location, we are coming Baba. Bhairavi says Shivanand will be proud of you. Rudra says Baba is held captive there, Naags will not be at same place always, we have to go there. She says be careful, this can be their plan, poison is not in their blood, but also their minds, doubt on them first.

Rudra says freeing Baba is start of our war and we have to make our powers start working. She says yes, but there is one more work. He says book. Dansh says this is made of all poisons, and humans can’t bear its exposure, not even

1%, even Naags can’t bear it. He says we have three to use in Mahakumbhs, and says he will gift one bomb to Ganga, so that wherever it flows, the poison will reach there and the people will get Swaha.

Rudra sees the clock and he gets the book, and recalls his back sign. A Naag asks Dansh why is this poison useful to you. Dansh says I m tired of same poison, and we should try something new and exciting everytime. He injects himself and lies down in his affect. He says old thinks never lets you down. Rudra asks Bhairavi to keep this book, till they get the second one. He says Naags can be clever, but from they go, they leave their footmarks, and this is curse for them and gift for us. He says we have to protect Amrit, as its Garuda’s fate and when we 7 walk together, we will find Naag from anywhere.

Dansh asks Shivanand where is the book, and the library. He hurts him and says his silence can become the reason of his death. He says fine, we will play silence silence. He holds his neck and hurts him more. He releases Shivanand and looks on angrily.

Tiwari sees a map and shows the place to all Garudas. He says reaching there is tough. Charles says if we know how it looks, we can use satellite images to reach there, can this happen. Tiwari says yes. Rudra tries to get the imagery by his powers. He sees Shivanand hurt and gets sad. Bhairavi holds him. He looks at her.

Dansh fumes and tells Shivanand that if he can bear any torture, then he can just bear human tortures, now you will bear Naag tortures. He beats Shivanand and throws him. Shivanand falls. Rudra makes the sketch of Naag place. Tiwari says we will find for some similar place. Rudra says even then its tough, we have to find Baba any way. He asks Charles and Tiwari to come with him, and Thapadiya Maai and Katherine will be with Maya, she has united all of us, I know you both will take best care of her.

Bhairavi says prepare to go, we will meet in Brahmanisht. They leave. Bhairavi sees Katherine thinking. Thapadiya Maai takes her. Bhairavi thinks she knows from whom is she running, the more she runs, the more it will come to her. Dansh injects Shivanand and hurts him. Guru says he will die, we have to map his mind, its more imp than your anger.

Dansh is about to stab Shivanand again and Leela comes. She says Dansh and he stops. She sees the Garuda sign on Shivanand’s head and looks at them. Dansh leaves. Rudra, Charles and Tiwari see the CCTV footage of the Naags entering the Mahakumbh, and see the same signs they made. Charles says don’t worry, we will find them. They get the locations and Tiwari shows Rudra. Tiwari asks his staff man to keep walkie talike and contact him if there is any emergency. Tiwari says they have weapons, we have to go there fully prepared. They leave. They get the guns and Rudra thinks he is coming to become a danger over danger.

Dansh says he was waiting for Rudra since years, we have to do something new. Rudra understands Dansh. Dansh asks the Naags to plant bombs and Garudas kill few Naags.

Update Credit to: Amena

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