Mahakumbh 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra seeing Shivanand’s lab notes and says what did he write, I don’t understand anything. Dansh says lab should be ready and then he will get info from Shivanand. Guru ji says we should be worried about Rudra, his powers have increased, he will attack on you first. Dansh says I m excited for this, he has come back as protector, but he can’t win over me, he does not know my powers, maybe his misunderstanding will be cleared, it will be surely cleared. Guru ji asks what does he wish and plan. Rudra tries to find some clues and works in the lab.

Dansh says there will not be any protector, he will be alone and then Rudra will get busy in protecting himself. He laughs loud. Rudra recalls Shivanand’s words and sees his pic. He says whats that knowledge that will take

me to you. He sees the piano and recalls his childhood. Shivanand tells him that he will get his answers on his own, and this tune will help him in getting the answers. Rudra plays the same tune and a hidden thing pops up. Rudra sees it.

Grierson, Balivesh and their Guru ji come to meet Naags. Grierson aims gun and the Naag takes it from his hand, by high speed. Balivesh says great. Rudra works out and the Rudraksh helps him. He plays the tune again. He says dad taught me, why don’t I remember. He recalls the tune again. Rudra tells Shivanand what if he forgets the tune in his absence. Shivanand makes him sit on the piano and says the knowledge you get, lies inside you, see within and you will get it. Rudra says its within me, what was it. He looks at his Garuda locket and holds it.

He says seven Rudransh, seven Garuda. He gets a small box and gets few beads. He puts it in the Rudraksh table on all corners. He plays the tune again and looks at the changes happening. The bright light universe show some stars connected and the beads started moving in air. Rudra checks the systems. He gets the locations of the Garudas and sees the map. He says just some time Baba, I will find your location.

Dansh’s Guru meets Balivesh and Grierson. Balivesh’s Guru greets him. Naag Guru says you wanted to meet me, but we don’t waste time in talks. Balivesh says we came to thank you for what you did. Naag Guru says we accept it, and why did Grierson come. Grierson says he came to ask something, which just Naag head can say. Naga Guru says he does not meet anyone like this, tell me, I will tell him if I find it right. Grierson says no, I have all Garuda info which can help him in reaching Amrit.

Guru says if the info is not imp, then you can die, be careful, com with me. He takes them to Dansh. Rudra sees the location pics on the system and gets Shivanand’s location blinking on the map. He says Naag hide where its tough to find them. He draws the place on the book and looks at the map.

Dansh does pushups and his back has Naag sign on it. Naga Guru brings them to Dansh. Balivesh is stunned seeing Dansh. Dansh asks him to come to the point. Grierson says I can tell you where are 7 Garudas and where are they. Dansh says you might have seen Naag talent and you think we need someone to find Rudra and others, can’t we find them.

Grierson says I know its not tough for you, but my contact will tell us Rudra’s address, they are trying to save a woman and what they are doing for it. Dansh says you will hope that you get some share from Amrit. Grierson says yes, we will provide money and technology, my men will inform you about Garuda, so is the deal done. Naag Guru nods yes to Dansh. Dansh shakes hands with him and says keep in touch, and we will keep the deal, we will tell you when to come. Balivesh and his Guru greet him and they leave with Grierson.

Naag Guru asks Dansh whats going on in his mind. Dansh says there is one way to find is Rudra head protector or not, which I want to show you. He smiles. Rudra says so they have kept Baba captive there, we will reach there soon, we seven Garuda will unite and end Naag threat from Mahakumbh.

Dansh says I was waiting for Rudra, we should do something else. Bhairavi talks to Rudra and all Garudas aim gun at Dansh. Dansh plants bombs in Mahakumbh, and Rudra says Mahakumbh is in danger sensing the Naags came to hurt people in Kumbh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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