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Mahakumbh 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with minister changing his decision. He says no one will enter this valley or dig it. He leaves from there. Bhairavi and the people give respect to Ganga and the ghat. Shivanand says don’t know we are going the right way or not. He sees some footmarks and says maybe Katherine left the signs for us. Raman says maybe they went this way, come. Dansh brings Katherine and she asks him to stay away, and warns him. He says he don’t hear her warnings, Rudra can’t hear her. She says if Rudra knows… He says oh yes, and acts like being scared. He says Rudra will get angry and fight with me. Dansh says he will kill her. Katherine escapes and he runs after her. She hides and he looks for her.

Rudra looks for Katherine. A man appears and asks who dared to come there. He says he is

the door protector Vibhishan. Rudra, Shivanand and Tiwari greet him. Vibhishan says I know your wish to get Amrit has got you here, but you have to overpower me to cross this door, but I will not fight. Rudra says we did not come to take aim, we came to protect it, Ganga has gone deep inside earth and Mahakumbh people are dying to get water, its about the whole world, Amrit drives life on earth, we have to save it, everyone believed that our aim is pure, we are not selfish, so they have let us go ahead. Vibhishan says but I will not let you go ahead, you can’t get me in your words, if you proceed, you will find your friends for sure. He disappears. Shivanand says Vibhishan has to fight to protect the door, this situaion will come, he was against his brother Ravan, he defended Sita, he will not harm anyone innocent, he will not hurt anyone, if anyone hurts a woman, he will attack him. Rudra says we have to save Katherine from Dansh. Katherine runs. Dansh looks for it. Katherine calls out Rudra. Dansh says shut up, no Rudra, only Dansh.

He stops her and she tries to run. He holds her and laughs. He tries to harm her. Vibhishan comes on time and moves Dansh away. He holds Katherine’s hand and lifts her. He gets weapons to kill Dansh. Dansh says one enemy and two weapons. He says he will protect woman and gives a sword to Dansh too. They fight. Rudra and everyone come. Katherine runs to them. She hugs Rudra and cries.

Rudra looks at Dansh. Dansh smiles seeing them. Vibhishan gets angry and goes to Dansh. Rudra stops him. Vibhishan asks why is he coming his way, he wanted to punish Dansh. Rudra says you said you won’t fight. Vibhishan says the one who does not lift weapon seeing woman in trouble is not called a man. Rudra says he has duty to save Amrit, and he needs a Naag. Vibhishan says he wants to punish the man who troubles a woman, no one can stop me today from punishing him.

Rudra says we won’t let you kill him, to save humanity. Dansh says great, I knew whatever happens, Rudra will come to save me, this is the problem with good people, even then he has come to save me. Vibhishan says he should be punished, if Rudra comes in between, he will be punished too. Rudra brings his Garuda weapon in between when Vibhishan attacks. Dansh sits relaxing.

Vibhishan hits Rudra and he falls down. He gets hurt. Shivannad looks on. Dansh asks them to see and learn, I have killed his mum, grandmum and best friend, still he is getting beaten up for me. Rudra gets more hits by Vibhishan. Dansh relaxes and smiles. He says Garuda head has to save me, as he needs me a lot, and I will take revenge from Katherine, I will kill her. Shivanand and Tiwari get angry. Rudra says stop, we need him. Dansh laughs.

Dansh says if I knew this before, I would have given more painful death to your family. Rudra comes in between when Vibhishan goes to beat Dansh and gets beaten. He gets much hurt and Vibhishan says he is great, Rudra is saving his family’s murderer to save humanity. He salutes Rudra and asks him to get up and take his revenge. Rudra says we need him. Vibhishan says you don’t need him, you will need the Naag Dakshak for the final door, not this Dansh. They all get shocked.

Shivanand asks how will we go ahead without Rudra. Vibhishan says he will not get up. Rudra falls down and says he can’t come. Shivanand worried. Tiwari says Garuda’s duty is to sacrifice.

Update Credit to: Amena

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