Mahakumbh 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Katherine asking Rudra why did she get them here. Bhairavi says your fate has got you here this time, we all are here because we all are Garuda. Shne says we knew each other, but today we identify the motive for which we were made, its near its completion, its time for final struggle. She shows a Garuda pic and they all see the Garuda signs on it. Shivanand wakes up and sees the Naags. He tries to open the rope. He opens a knot and Dansh holds his hand, saying hide and seek is played with kids, you got high after freeing yourself from Poland, only death can free you from here.

Shivanand says same Poland jail drama here, showing me weapons and dancing, did he not have anything new to show. Dansh says great, I like your attitude towards death, I will free you then we will

talk in different way. He opens the ropes and frees him. Bhairavi says we seven Garuda are parts of one body, Shivanand is the brain of the body, he has power to find every secret of Amrit, Charles and Tiwari are the shoulders, they will support Rudra. Katherine is the one who will link important parts, which joins Garuda’s head to body, and Thapadiya Maai, she is leg of the body and I m the feet, all the weight of the body is on me, I have to fly when needed. Rudra says legs can fly when its stable.

She says this is Rudra, the centre, our Garuda head, he is the prime fighter in the Naag and Garuda war. Dansh says you wanted to see something different, and shows two bullets in the gun. He says where did 4 go, and tells him about Sahadev getting shot at his heart. He says your wife Ganga is dead, I have shot her two bullets with respect, she also felt I m dancing showing the weapon, and then she will not believe even after death. Shivanand gets angry. Dansh says then Dadi… I had bullets, but I wanted to do something different, and then I have killed her with this knife.

He says he stabbed her four times and then Punnu came. He came to get news and he became news, now tell me how do you like my way. Shivanand beats him and Dansh falls. He smiles and says you have power. They have a fight. The Naags aim gun and Dansh signs them to stop. He bats Shivanand. Shivanand holds Dandh by his neck nerve and Dansh acts. He then laughs and says good knowledge. He beats him and says you can’t deactivate me.

Shivanand falls down the rocks. Dansh comes and steps on him, and injects him again to keep him in control. Shivanand faints. Dansh says now Garuda’s time ends, and Naag’s period starts, history knows Garudas always won, but this time there will be new history, which will be written by Naag head Dansh.

Bhairavi says we all have powers and we will know it soon. Rudra says when there is big need, big solutions and arrangements are there, we are such, we can get weak without any part, we have to unite and go ahead in our aim, we have to protect Amrit Kalash in every situation. Guru ji calls Leela. Leela says dad… He says I told you we have danger, its not good to go alone. She says I can’t be trapped like this. He says don’t worry, we will go back soon, focus on your marriage, after this Shivratri, you will get married to Dansh. She says Dansh will just keep me as showpiece, that’s not marriage, he does not love me, I have to live his life, not mine, his eyes has lust to get me, I want someone to love and respect me. He says Dansh is desired by every girl, you are marrying him and you are not happy. She says happiness is related to heart, dreams is of few hours and marriage is of lifetime, I will marry Dansh, I will be loyal to him, as he is my destiny. Naag comes to them. Guru ji asks Leela to get ready to leave from here. He asks about Rudra, and thinks Rudra has come.

Dansh injects himself and lies down. Guru ji comes to him and sees his state. He sees him unconscious and asks whats this madness on his mind, he has injected Vish to himself. Dansh says life is biggest danger than poison, so I m making myself unaffected by it. He says Guru ji, this poison will not affect me, but it will get more dangerous. Guru ji says you are shifting from your main motive. Dansh says no, our lab is not ready, we have to get info from Shivanand. Guru ji says till we are back, the lab will be ready.

Dansh says it will be good if it happens soon. Rudra brings Bhairavi to his tent. He sees his family pic and gets sad. Bhairavi looks at him. He says I know Maai Mui, Rudra’s eyes should not drop any tear, everyone’s hope will break and everything will be ruined. She says tears does not weaken everytime, sometimes it makes the way clear, and tells what his dad used to say. She says he has clear vision and only he can see. Rudra recalls Shivanand’s lab and says he got the way. He sees Shivanand’s pic and smiles.

Charles says if we know how does Naag place look, we can use satellite pics and reach there. Dansh beats Shivanand. Rudra says we have to find Baba by any way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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