Mahakumbh 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Mahakumbh 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swami asking Grierson to live like a king and shows the room. Grierson gets the call and tells Swami that Shivanand has run away. Swami is shocked and says maybe Shivanand took the book along, or maybe it was never there. Grierson says we have to find Shivanand, else we won’t get Amrit and 25 years will be waste, search for him, do whatever you can, but find him, he knows we both are involved and he will do anything to ruin us. Swami says don’t worry, I know he will try to meet his son, but Rudra is still with us. He says Rudra’s next is my house at this time. Shivanand comes to his home and Swami asks his men to find him everywhere.

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finds his house ruined and recalls his mum and her words, to protect everyone being her only son. He gets angry recalling Swami’s words of how he has burnt his house and killed his dad and wife. He sees the idols and looks around. He gets sad recalling his mum’s words to keep the Kund alive and always fresh. He says I will get Amrit in this Kund, in this Mahakumbh. Swami’s men come there. Shivanand hides and then beats one of them. He dresses like them and beats others. He leaves in his changed setup. Swami calls his men and can’t connect. Shivananad comes to mehendi shop and hears police constables talking about 7 people dead there and they got duty to safeguard Pandey’s home now.

They stop Shivanand and asks where is he going, and they get busy in talk. Shivanand goes to some secret passage. Sahadev does not know who is the intruder, and stands to protect himself and beat him. Rudra comes there and looks around. Sahadev holds a hammer and goes towards Rudra. Rudra moves and Sahadev falls down. Rudra turns and sees his face. Shivanand goes to some old library. He sees the collection of books. He cleans the spider webs and takes out a book related to Amrit. He cleans it and says I got the book, where I told you Grierson. He opens the book. The constables are outside Pandey’s house.

Rudra says he has come to meet him. Sahadev asks who is he. Rudra says I m Rudra, Shivanand’s son. Sahavde says you are my enemy, I know everything. Rudra removes his shirt and lifts his vest, shows his back Garuda sign and Sahadev then believes him. Sahadev hugs him and says I did not identify you. Rudra says I know you know everything about my family, this sign and my dad. Sahadev says I don’t know about your dad, I don’t know what happened after Mahakumbh attack, I know the enemies will attack me and Shivanand has done this prediction. Rudra asks what.

Sahadev says he had some maths, and he told that this Mahakumbh will have Amrit again. Rudra asks Amrit? He says everyone made fun of Shivanand and I trusted him, this is the result that we both are here, maybe he is somewhere close to us. Shivanand shaves his hair and a sign on his head is shown, symbol of Garuda.

Shivanand says my team can’t cheat me, where are they. The Garudas are shown. Rudra tells Sahadev that he won’t be calm till he finds out the truth. He confronts Nanu and Swami.

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  1. Awesome serial , great work done by Gautam . The makers need to increase the TRP of this show .

  2. There is no episode on Friday although the show’s telecast schedule is Monday to Friday. This amounts to cheating and fooling the viewers.

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