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Mahakumbh 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dansh asking Bhairavi is she scaring him. She says not me, but the situation, which did not leave any time to think. She sends the Garuda weapons outside. Dansh asks what now? Bhairavi says now you will free Garuda of the poison, she can wait for his decision, but he can’t wait more. Dansh looks at the watch and smiles. Rudra looks at everyone. The Garuda sticks block the tunnel and Naag runs. Dakshak says Amrit comes and Vish wins, there is nothing happening here, we have to complete our work, come Dansh. Bhairavi says it already happened. The Naag comes and Dakshak asks what happened. Bhairavi says the digging stopped by some unknown thing right? Dansh asks him to repair the machine and resume digging.

Dakshak says we have less time. Bhairavi says the power has stopped

them, and Garudas can help him, it will be possible when Garudas are free of poison totally. She smiles. Dansh asks Dakshak not to worry, she knows only we can remove the poison, so they made the plan, I will open the tunnel door. Dakshak says he can’t move it even a bit, its time to compromise. He asks who first? Bhairavi says Shivanand.

Grierson asks Rao what will happen now. Rao smiles and says if I tell you, then you won’t be able to believe it. He shows the cloud and asks what do you think. Grierson says it can break anytime, we should leave. Rao says shut up, the time is not to run, but to go near the victory. We will snatch Amrit from Garuda. Grierson asks how. Rao says his plan should not be know, just see and understand.

Dansh asks Dakshak are we doing any mistake. Dakshak says he has 10000years experience, he can’t do any mistake. Dansh leaves. Dakshak says he is removing poison, but no power ends totally, if it does not get right direction it will affect others. Bhairavi says we believe you will make it totally ineffective. Dakshak turns into a multi headed snake and rakes out the poison from the Garudas. Rudra and Bhairavi look on. Dakshak appears again and says Garudas are free of poison, not its your turn. He leaves.

Bhairavi concentrates and calls back all the Garudas weapons from the tunnel. Rudra makes everyone get up. Shivanand smiles and Rudra hugs him happily. Bhairavi smiles and Shivanand greets her with respect. Everyone smile. Rudra hugs Bhairavi. They all come to Saraswati kund. Shivanand apologizes to Rudra. Rudra says it was a plan from our enemies, we are together for the final fight. Shivanand says he is satisfied today, and proud of him that he is fulfilling his dreams, he is protecting Amrit and supporting humanity. Rudra says I could do it, as I m proud of you, I walked on your values when you were not with me, so I succeeded.

Shivanand says he is Garuda brain, and understood why and what is happening, but Rudra showed much patience, he has proved that he is deserving to be Garuda head, he will respect his decision. Rudra says he has made him belief that goodness has power to fight all problems. Shivanand says I lost belief in it, and you made me belief it again, and blesses him. He asks him to go, as Maya is waiting for him in Sreesanth. Rudra asks is she there. Shivanand says yes, go and meet her. Rudra leaves.

Maya serves some people in Sreesanth. Rudra meets Maya and she gets glad. He promises her that they will go back to Banaras and fulfill all her dreams, she has to wait. She says she will wait and stops him, to handover the Naagmani to him. Rudra looks at him. Dakshak says time Garuda will bring Amrit and give them, no one can take it from them. He disappears.

Dansh says he wants Rudra. Shivanand talks to Rao. Rao attacks Shivanand. Shivanand shoots Grierson and Rao.

Update Credit to: Amena

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