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Mahakumbh 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swami asking how can you blame me Rudra. Rudra says it was not blame, but a question, I know Maya’s coming to Banaras was not coincidence and I will find it out. Swami says Maya met her by fate, so I wish you and Maya to unite, your marriage will unite both the Kund/families. Rudra says even I wish that only one Kund/family exists, but I don’t know Maya’s wish, so I want you to talk to her, her decision will be imp for me. Swami ji is shocked and Rudra smiles. He folds hand and greets him. Swami ji blesses him. Rudra walks out leaving Swami thinking about his words.

Rudra stands in the open balcony and Maya comes to him. Rudra says its still time for 24 hours to finish. She says I don’t have much time like this shooting stars. She cries and hugs her. She says

yes. Rudra asks what. She says this is the answer for your question, Chote Mama won’t let us marry, we have to go away, we will run. She says the place which gave you so many pain, how can you accept it, we can’t start our life here, which reminds you about your wounds. Rudra says I won’t go anywhere from here, you know I did not wish to come here, but you got me here, now my past is connecting with me and you want me to leave.

He says this is the place where my wounds will heal. She says if I say your wounds won’t heal and will get more…. I know I got you here but I m asking you to come. He says I have decided. She says everyone take their decision, after my parents died, Nanu and Mama took my decisions, you took the decision for me, Chote Mama has…. She cries and leaves. Rudra gets worried. Grierson asks Shivanand which is the book from all these. Shivanand asks about Rudra. Swami comes and says Rudra is fine where he is, and till when you say the truth.

Shivanand hears his voice and says Balivesh. Swami and his goons come out of the darkness. Shivanand says you are still staying in darkness. Swami says its strange, you stayed in darkness since years and this does not suit you. Shivanand says you ruined my family, my home. Rudra thinks is he doing wrong, why is his heart and mind saying different things. He passes by Maya’s room, and stops hearing her cry. He looks at her as she sees her mum’s pic and cries.

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Rudra thinks he was wrong to identify her, he has see truth in her face, even she has no one like him, he can understand her, he will support the truth which Maai Mui believed, not forgive her murderers. Shivanand says truth always wins over evil. Swami says I heard your Saraswati kund had Amrit, but we will get it now. Tiwari gets the location of the satellite phone. Shivanand says Lord gives power to one who knows to use it right, not egoistic people, as it ruins the power. Swami says I will keep you alive to see how I use the power, I apologize I did not show you my power when I burnt your home.

He says your wife and dad died in the fire. Shivanand shouts Balivesh and holds his neck. Swami’s men stops him. Grierson’s goon injects some drugs and Shivanand faints. Grierson asks where is my phone, turn it off quick. Tiwari asks the tracking staff to locate the phone fast. Grierson shuts the phone, and Tiwari gets the location, Swami asks Grierson to stay at haveli. Tiwari shows the location to Rao. Rao asks Charles to leave fast and find out. Tiwari says no, we are going with whole team. Rao says we don’t want police involvement. Charles says I saw many bond movies. Tiwari says fine, we both will go, and asks Rao to explain Charles not to be over smart.

Tiwari loads the gun. Charles takes out his gun. Tiwari asks where did he get this. Charles says its toys gun, I know its legal crime to keep unlicensed gun, I can show this and safe my life, and aims at him. He asks him to check it. Tiwari says no need, I knew its toy gun. Charles keeps the gun and has another gun. He winks and leaves with him.

Grierson’s men keep an eye on Shivanand. Shivanand writes some note. The men come to beat him. Shivanand beats them. He comes out of the room and beats more goons down. He takes the kerosene and burns the place. Rao and Tiwari come to that place and see the place exploding. They are shocked. Charles looks at Tiwari. Tiwari says we got late, lets leave. Charles says its good we came late, so we are alive, but who did this. Shivanand sets free and leaves.

Rudra beings fruits for Dadi. She asks him to say about his story, what happened with him, who saved him, get those who saved you, I will serve them all my life. Rudra tells Dadi about Udiya Baba saving him and Maai Mui doing his upbringing, she loved him more than his mum, then one day Udiya Baba left us. He cries and says then Maai Mui was killed by them. Dadi pacifies Rudra saying the game of life and death, everything will be fine, he has to take his kund’s serving tradition ahead. Rudra says I have to know the truth first and get safe place for you, there has to be someone whom you trust and I can trust. She says no one can be trusted. She says we can trust just one man, Sahadev, he used to manage our boat and was Shivanand’s friend, but his responsibility was more for us, find him. Sahadev is shown. Rudra thinks.

Swami tells Grierson that Shivanand will try to meet Rudra. He raises hand on Maya and Nanu stops him. Rudra threatens Nanu and Swami asking them not to hurt Maya. He says he will end the chapter in Mahakumbh, what they have started years ago.

Update Credit to: Amena

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