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The Episode starts with Shivanand saying he wants to make a strong world, without emotions, as emotions make them weak, he wants to make a world free of evil, greed, enmity, and love. Rudra says love makes life. A girl cries for help and everyone save themselves. The hal hal cloud pieces fall. Shivanand asks Rudra is this love example and explain me the definition of love, will you save that girl or the third book. Rudra looks at the girl. Bhairavi stops the other Garudas. She uses her stick and holds the book. Charles says what wi8ll they get the make Amrit flow in Saraswati kund, if they get it, everyone will be afraid of us. Bhairavi beats him by her stick and asks him to be scared of her first.

Tiwari says how will we get the third book now. She asks him to wait for 144 years again and beats

him. She hits Katherin and says the third book will be seen in next Mahakumbh. Thapadiya Maa asks how will we see the 7th door then. Bhairavi slaps her and makes the third book disappear. She says the book has been absorbed in her. She says she will see the 7th door, when all the 7 Garudas powers unite.

Dakshak tries to see and locate the Amrit. He leaves. Dansh asks the men to dig. Dakshak comes to him and says Nakshatras changed the places, we have less time, if they don’t complete digging, no labor will be going alive. He says its 12 days to Maha Shivratri, they have to complete this today, else nothing will be left.

Dansh asks them to double the labor. The minister looks for her grand daughter Nandini. The girls calls for help. The minister asks the inspector and other people. Rudra turns and Shivanand tries to hypnotize him. Rudra senses it and makes him hand touch his neck itself. Rudra cries after doing this, as Shivanand hurts himself. Rudra makes Shivanand lie down and runs to save the girl. Rudra runs towards the fire. The minister wants to save Nandini and she calls him, for help.

Rudra comes there and jumps inside the fire. He covers the girl in blanket and comes out of the fire. He hands over the girl to her grand dad and comes back to Shivanand. He holds him, and says this is love, he has saved that girl and came back to him. He gets sad seeing Shivanand. He lifts Shivanand and forwards his hand. The weapon comes in his hand itself. Rudra takes them along. Rudra brings Shivanand to Saraswati Kund. Bhairavi ties everyone to the pillars. She says one work is done. He says not one, but two and looks at Shivanand. She says the big work is pending, to get Garudas back home, person gets free of every fear coming home, their home is to protect Amrit. Rudra says we have to get their poison out to take them fearless protectors. She says just Mahaguru Dakshak can do this.

The people see the hal hal cloud and police vacate the place. Everyone start running and an old lady sit there praying. The man asks her to leave, some danger is coming. She says no one knows whats happening. He says he heard that this cloud has poison, she can burn by it. She says her last wish is to take dip in Ganga, she will think its her fate. She asks him to save those who want to live. He says but Maai and leaves. Rao calls the minister and says he is there where he should be. Rao says he knows it better than him. The minister asks him whats happening. Rao says he can’t tell it on phone. The minister says he has to go there, even if its risky. Rudra and Bhairavi brings other Garudas to Naaglok. Dakshak looks at them. Dansh comes there and gets puzzled seeing them unconscious. He jokes on them. Rudra says its part of their shuddi karan, they will be fine. Bhairavi says we have come here to complete this process. Dakshak says he will help, but the question is why. Bhairavi says when the question arises, the answer is we can’t reach Amrit without each other’s help. Dansh says we can reach, we found the way and don’t need anyone. She says its not like it looks, no one got Amrit except Garuda. She says she can show by shutting their way, if time passes, they will not help them.

Dakshak says he is removing poison, but it will still affect them. Shivanand says he is proud of Rudra. The Garudas get ready to use weapons against the hal hal cloud. Tiwari says but we won’t have weapons left to fight with Naags.

Update Credit to: Amena

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