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The Episode starts with Maya coming to Nanu. Nanu asks her to join him in this game. Maya says I don’t know playing games, and don’t know clever moves. He says you have played a clever move and got us close to our victory. Maya says till when will we do now, whats Rudra’s mistake in this, that he is the son of your rivals. Nanu tells her about chess and its imp to make the move on time, and anyone can become the slave when needed. Maya says salt, sugar and poison has same color, Mama ji told me nothing can be said about Mahakumbh’s happenings, I got Rudra here, what about your sin, so your wounds are hurting you, if you give wounds to people, how will your wounds heal.

Nani says what wounds, and removes the cotton from his hands. Maya is shocked seeing is hands fine. Nanu says nothing

happened to me, I wanted Rudra here to get power, and this is just illusion for others, the truth is I m very healthy. Maya cries and says I always trusted you and you have done this. Nanu says whatever the game, we have to use mind more than heart, and sometimes to get the aim, we have to sacrifice our loved ones, and you are our daughter, you will support your Nanu, I know. Maya says Rudra wants to marry me, he trusted me leaving everything, how can I cheat him Nanu.

Nanu says you also love him, we need Rudra a lot, say yes to marry him, this will be good for everyone. Maya says after knowing everything, how can I say yes to marry him, I hate to be born here in this family, I did all this unintentionally, but the truth is I m also responsible for Maai Mui’s death, I have taken away everything from Rudra. Nanu says you are the biggest culprit for Rudra, and you have to become his support. Maya leaves crying.

The guy talk to Animesh about many wrestlers coming in Mahakumbh. Animesh laughs and says he is the only one who wins, even if I m drunk, or fight with one hand, I will win. Rudra comes there. Animesh comes in his way and stops him. Rudra tries to leave and Animesh laughs stopping him. He asks does he speak infront of girls, and have any quality like men too. He says he has an eye on him, and tries to scare him. Rudra looks on angrily. Animesh says shall I call Maya, then you will talk and dhol will play in your heart. Rudra says we will talk when you come to your senses.

Animesh says stop and scolds him. He says you are showing your back to me, in my house, you don’t know what I have done, I can kill you too, like your family, I have burnt them alive and shows his hand, saying I ruined them by this, I can do this again. Rudra gets angry and beats him. Animesh falls and shakes up unable to see Rudra. Rudra says if you were not in senses, this would be last day of your life, this score will be settled very soon. Rudra leaves. Animesh asks his goons to let Rudra go and not do anything.

Katherine shows the idols she bought and she is sure she will get Nirvana in Mahakumbh. She asks the guys to go. She prays to Lord and says Baba ji said you are very lucky for me, will you help me to get Nirvana. Charles hides and says sure girl, I will get you Nirvana. She looks around for the sound source and asks who said it. Charles says its me, if you hear your inner voice, you will get my voice. He says about the guy who returned her camera. She sees his shoes and beats him. He says sorry. She says you came after me, thief.

He says look at me and holds her close. He says I came here to meet you, trust me. She says I don’t trust you, you always do something. Charles says fine, I will prove it, and returns her phone. She says my phone with you and calls for help. He shuts her mouth, and says I m here to help you. She asks why are you following me. Charles says I have come here by my wish, but on anyone’s words, we will meet soon. He stops and hugs her. He smiles and runs. Katherine gets his message meet you soon and smiles.

Grierson tells Swami that you made many secret rooms in this haveli, looks like there are many secrets here. Swami ji says you always kept secrets and hidden about Shivanand. Grierson says I want to meet Rudra. Nanu says you will meet Rudra, have some patience and trust. Greirson says Balivesh told me about you, you wanted to meet me. Nanu says yes, I did not need to meet you since 24 years, but its imp now. Grierson says Rudra has to support us for our work to be successful. Nanu says you could break his father in 24 years, his son is more powerful, how will you break him.

Grierson says I know he is very powerful, so our strategy will be fool proof. Nanu tells him every action has equal and opposite reaction/Newton’s third law. He says if we have powerful Garuds, then there are anti Garud powers also, when they come, it will be big fight that powerful Garud will fall weak. He says we are lucky as some people can help us, as our Guru Maharaj, he told me that Garud pose a problem, we can call him. Grierson says I want to meet him myself, as nothing proved that there is someone powerful than Garud.

Nanu says if you could find everything by research, you would not have been infront of me. He says when our blood goes against us, we have to keep an eye on it, nothing to do now, but be alert. Swami nods yes understanding his words. He says take Grierson and explain him what we did and what we can do.

Swami ji talks to his men. Rudra comes there and stands at the door. Swami ji sees him. Rudra talks to him. Swami ji sends his men and asks Rudra what he wants to say. Rudra says I heard a strange thing, that Pandey’s family is killed, whose safety responsibility you took. Swami says I know, I will always be burdened by this, that I did not identify that Pandey, don’t know why he killed your Maai Mui and Udiya Baba. Rudra says even I want to know this, so I came here to know Pandey was here. He shows Swami and Pandey’s pic and says I heard you were close to him. Swami says I m Guru, not Lord to know whats in his heart, else I would have not let him go near you. Rudra says so you have sent Maya to get me here.

Swami apologizes to Shivanand for burning his home. Maya tells Rudra that Chote Mama won’t let us marry, we have to go somewhere. Rudra asks Dadi if there is anyone he can trust. Dadi names Sahadev. Grierson looks for Shivanand, and Swami’s men are after him too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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