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Mahakumbh 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dansh and Katherine arguing. Shivanand reminds them the aim. Dansh says woman should always be taken along by keeping behind. Shivanand asks Katherine is her anger on Dansh, or does she not belief on their aim. Katherine says is this humanity to see death and then proceeding. Rudra says what happened today should not happen again. Dansh says I m not any Garuda to take your warning, I m Naag head, your personal enemy. Rudra says you are right, you are enemy, but remember if anything happens to Katherine, you will not be saved by Garuda head.

Dansh says explain her I deal the same way with man and woman. Rudra asks what does he mean. Dansh says I will kill Katherine if I get her alone, you need me, I don’t need you. Katherine says this life looks burden as its by someone’s

sacrifice. Shivanand says you have to understand that this life is dedicated to humanity. She says can’t this sacrifice be together. He explains how the world runs, ice melts from below and then of the top layer, every door means a sacrifice, which is given by wish, be it Charles or Thapadiya Maai. He says Dansh can’s stop us.

She says she can’t forgive Dansh, now there is no burden, she is ready to move ahead. Rudra says we need one Naag to cross the last door, you are not the one. He throws Dansh down. Dansh gets hurt. Rudra steps on his leg and hurts him. Dansh screams in pain. Everyone hear him and rush back to them. Rudra hurts Dansh. Leela says leave him Rudra, what are you doing. Rudra leaves him and says he will cheat us. Tiwari says we need him. Katherine says we don’t need him, we need a naag, and it can be Leela too. Dansh realizes this and looks at Leela. Dansh sits in Leela’s feet. Leela asks is this madness or any plan. Dansh says its repentance, and acts. He shows his hands and says he has killed many people. He says he is Naag head and she is his shield, she has saved him, her dad gave sacrifice for him, so he is alive today. He hugs her and says but now you can’t be alive, and now her death can become shield for him. He stabs her back. He starts acting and holds Leela. He hides the knife in the ice and asks what happened to her. Leela is dying. Dansh shouts Leela and cries.

Katherine gets Leela’s blood when she holds her and everyone get shocked. Dansh starts laughing and sees Leela. Rudra and everyone get angry. Dansh says he is the only naag now and laughs. He says its imop foe them to keep him alive nopw. Rudra raises hand on him and holds his neck. Shivanand stops Rudra and frees Dansh. They all get shocked seeing the ice mountains shaking and big storm. Shivanand asks everyone to lie down on the ground. He stops them and says we have to wait here, have balance. The ice layer falls. Shivanand says stop, its valley ahead.

They get shocked see a big ice ball coming their way. They all hide and see an old man stopping the ice storm. The ice ball changes way and goes back. Shivanand and everyone greet Maharishi and they see Dansh standing. Tiwari asks him to greet him. Dansh bends. Maharishi says respect should be from heart, no pretention. He says they have crossed tough doors and reached here. Rudra says we just know we have to reach Amrit, guide us to make us reach it. He asks where is the third door. Maharishi says this has sacrifice and selfishness too and blesses them that they will get what they have in heart. He says the exam is more tougher now. He disappears and they look around.

Maharishi appears and says he will ask them questions and they can decide who will answer. Shivanand says Rudra is Garuda heart and every answer by heart is right. Dansh says I m the one who have controlled Garuda’s mind.

Update Credit to: Amena

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