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Mahakumbh 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivanand telling Bhairavi that his motive is not to fight with her. She says his motives will never be fulfilled. He says we will take the third book. She says she knows his powers and the result is to ruin everything. She asks him to identity himself, he is protector, his aim is to protect Amrit and humanity, evil can look attractive, but result will be ruining, sin can be big, evil can get high, even then they will fail infront of good. He asks how can she judge him as bad, from where he is seeing, he feels he is right. She asks is this right to use Amrit for his selfishness, wake your inner soul, its Shiv ratri soon, we have to unite and protect Amrit. He says we will take the book, no one can stop us. Rudra comes and says no one can stop us too. He asks Bhairavi to go and do

her Pakriyaa. She leaves.

Tiwari stops Shivanand and says we will fight with him before you. Charles asks Rudra to give the book. Rudra says I m giving last warning, move back…… Charles shows his weapon and turns it into a sword. Rudra fights with him and Charles falls very far. Tiwari looks at his weapon and it turns into a thin metal sword. Charles and Tiwari keep it crossed and look at Rudra. Rudra escapes from their hit. Shivanand looks on.

Tiwari attacks Rudra and Rudra beats him. Rudra knocks both of them down and throws them far. Katherine closes her eyes and her weapon converts into an arrow. She aims at Rudra. Rudra holds it. Shivanand concentrates and his weapon becomes a sword too. He flies in the air and comes to Rudra. Shivanand asks the Garudas to get the third book, he will stop Rudra. Rudra puts the sword near his neck and Rudra is stunned. Shivanand says he has decided their future, even fate can’t stop him. Rudra says its his illusion, my dad has have hope for life, not greed. He defends himself from Shivanand’s attacks. Rudra asks how can he forget his teachings.

Shivanand says it will be better for them. Rudra says its his greed, why does he want his rights on Amrit, if he is the protector. Shivanand says he wants to make a better world, the evil people have to die. Rudra says Lord has written this fate and he has decided about good and evil, we are no one to decide this. Shivanand says he has decided greedy and insensitive people will not be alive. Rudra says its balance, its progress after every ruining, its goodness after evil. Shivanand says they are suppressing goodness by their power.

Bhairavi sits concentrating. Amrit Manthan…………..plays……………. She holds the third book. She visualizes the book and the doors opening by it. She hits the ground by hr stick and looks on. Rudra and Shivanand have a fight. Shivanand falls down. Rudra helps him in getting up. Shivanand defends himself how evil is increasing, such people don’t have right to live. Rudra says they will get punished any way. They fight again and argue. Shivanand says he will make a pure human world. Rudra says it can’t get true. Rudra fails his attacks and does not attack on his father.

The other Garudas come to Saraswati Kund and see Bhairavi with the third book. Charles walks there and falls down. Tiwari tries to hit it, and falls. They all look at the white medium formed across the book. Tiwari says its impossible to break this shield alone, we don’t have time, our powers have to be clubbed. We have two weapons and still four powers. They all hold hands and concentrate to break the shield. Bhairavi smiles.

They all try to break her Parikyaa by their weapons and all fall down. Bhairavi smiles sitting calm. Rudra tries to convince Shivanand and asks what future will he get if he kills his own son. Shivanand falls down and Rudra gets concerned. He says Baba… seeing him, while Shivanand tries to reach his weapon.

Chalres argues with Bhairavi. Shivanand says he wants to make fear and evil free world. Dakshak says if tunnel is not completed, they won’t get anything. Rudra says we have to make them fine and get their poison out. Bhairavi says just Mahaguru Dakshak can do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Yeah I too agree dat shivanand gets cured of da poison…aftr all he is da one to make all garuda fine…

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