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Mahakumbh 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nanu saying he has sent Maya to get Rudra and I can do anything to make Rudra stay here. Maya hears this and is shocked. She silently walks out. Nanu calls out Maya, will you go without giving me food. Maya is shocked and stops. She gives the food plate. Nanu asks where was she going. Maya says to tell Rudra the truth of you all. Nanu says fine, go, but take some more truth along, tell Rudra that we have killed his Udiya Baba and Maai Mui. Maya is shocked. Nanu says you are part of this, you called us and told that Rudra will never come to Allahabad till Maai Mui is here. She recalls her words. Nanu says so we have killed Maai Mui and ended that relation so that you can get Rudra here.

He asks her to go and tell the truth to Rudra. Maya goes. Swami smiles. She walks to

her room recalling Nanu’s words. She recalls Maai Mui. She falls on the bed and cries feeling guilty of Maai’s death. She says what did I do and gets Asthma attack. She looks for her medicines and does not get it. She falls on the table and collapses. She gets the pump and inhales. She gets better and talks to her mum saying now I came to know you did not love me, else you would have taken me along, not left me between them. She says you should have killed me, why did you give me to them.

She says they are selfish people, they don’t identify relations. Rudra comes to Dadi and says he will take care of her. Dadi says you are exactly like Shivanand, but even then not like him. She says Shivanand is responsible for ruining our family, he is the reason for this, I explained him a lot, but he has blessings from Lord to serve the people. Shhe says people use to cure their children and themselves. The FB shows Dadi serving people and helping sad people. She did not take money from them. She says he was working to find about Amrit, spoke to foreigners and seeing spirituals things by science perspective, he did not agree to me, and came in the world’s eyes.

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Rudra asks her the secret of the sign She tells the Garuda sign, and Saraswati Kund, and Shivanand has linked it to Amrit, but our family got it by Lord, its Lord’s blessings. She says his grandpa also got such sign, he did not find about it, and served people, but Shivanand lead to all this, our home caught fire and everything was ruined. She says its better if you don’t ask this Garuda secret, I don’t know where is Shivanand, is he alive or not. He says don’t worry, I will find him and bring him here, I will find out why am I brought to this city, by the people who are responsible for ruining my family, I will find the truth. He says I will get some food. She asks him the day. He says Monday. She smiles. He says it means you have fast today. She says you are exactly like Shiva and yet not same.

Swami comes to Maya and sees her crying and hurt. He sees the table fallen and blood drops on the ground. He touches the blood and sits to talk to her. He says emotions, anger, repentance, and truth, nothing should be seen to Rudra, he should just see love, and whenever he sees you, he should see live and trust in your eyes, Rudra should not go from this haveli, else maybe his age will not be along, he will be dead, as we ruin the things which is no benefit to us, you don’t need to worry, you will get your love, we will get you and Rudra married. Maya gets angry. Swami says always remember, its good if your blood is useful for your family. He leaves. Maya cries.

Rudra sits near shore and recalls Swami’s words, and Maya. He thinks there is one way, the truth I m finding, I have to make Maya the way to find it. He leaves. Tiwari gets the number list of Katherine. He shows down Charles. Charles tries taking the paper weight. Tiwari takes it and signs. Charles smiles. Rao sees the documents and asks him to find exact location. Tiwari says its nearby Allahabad, the phone is off, and we can know when its on. Charles puts some questions. Rao says I don’t find this right. Tiwari says there is big danger in Mahakumbh. Rao says we have to find exact location and keep an eye on that girl. Charles says this department is mine, I will handle it, work and fun together.

Katherine comes to Maya and asks why is she quiet, did she fight with Rudra. She says maybe you don’t regard me friend, but I regard you my best friend. Maya says nothing like that, I feel I m unable to express my feelings. Katherine says you know boys are dump, they don’t understand girl’s hint, tell him straight. Maya smiles and says you must be joking. Katherine says no and explains her. Rudra comes and asks Maya how did he get hurt. Katherine asks her to take care and leaves. Maya says I slipped from stairs, where were you. He says I went to meet my past.

He says Maya means lie or deceive, but what I m saying is true. He asks will you marry me Maya, and she is stunned. Maya says I can’t answer you everything. He says you have 24 hours to tell me will you marry me or not. Maya gets teary eyed and recalls Swami’s words. Rudra starts leaving and she stops him, asking whats the hurry. He says you would have understood it if you were in my place. He leaves. Maya says I can’t say I wish you would be in my place.

Maya talks to Nanu about his illness because of his evil. Nanu shows his hands fine and she is shocked by his big lie. Rudra sees Maya crying, and tells he won’t forgive Maai’s murderers. Rudra meets Nanu. Dadi tells him that they are dangerous.

Update Credit to: Amena

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