Mahakumbh 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairavi stopping Rudra. She holds Maya and blesses her, and says now her breath will go on and poison will not affect, but we have to find the antidote. Rudra says we will get. Devesh, Balivesh and Grierson meet their Guru ji and talk about naagvansh. Devesh says we are also naagvansh. Guru ji writes something and Devesh reads it, that they can fail if they act clever with naag, they will meet his Guru ji, the big war between Naag and Garuda, the one who will be heading it is his Guru Vish.

Tiwari, Charles and Katherine come back and see Rudra. Charles hugs Rudra. Charles says I cursed you for making me wait so long, but when you hugged me now, all complaints went away. Rudra says where would I go, fate is written by the earth, this is birth place and deeds place. Tiwar

says you saved a big incident, else Mahakumbh would be ashamed for years. Rudra says I m not asking about Baba, he is captive by Naags, but not for long, I will free him. Bhairavi says you have to reach your aim, but fulfill your duties towards your family.

He does the last rites of Dadi, Punnu, Ganga and Sahadev. Everyone look on. Rudra recalls them and thinks he will try to become like Sahadev. He recalls Punnu’s words and their childhood. He says he has taught him friendship, he promise he will always keep their friendship alive within. He sees Ganga and gets teary eyed recalling the moments spent with her. He says she has got punishment for being his mum, if she was not his mum, this would have not happened, forgive me Maa. He requests her to become his Maa in every birth. He recalls Dadi and her love.

He thinks he will not run from his duties and fate, but duties come first, he will do duty and keep his promise which he gave her. He does the rituals and Charles helps him. Rudra ignites the woods and everyone look on. Bhairavi is with Maya.

Rudra says most biggest danger on Mahakumbh is going to come now, we have to control it, we are free from family duties and now its time to fulfill the motive of our life. He says we have to protect many people who are unknown to this danger, we have to find Baba, he will help us to save Mahakumbh from Naags, we are many from body, but our motive is same, we should go towards the aim to protect Amrit from Naags, the fight will begin now.

Naags says there is poison if there is Amrit, and we are poison, we have arrived to take the Amrit. All Garudas form a protective shield and face them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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