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Mahakumbh 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra rescuing Thapadiya Maa. She beats him and asks why did he not go. He hugs her and asks her to come. Everyone wait for Rudra as its going to be sunset. Rudra and Maai come to them and are on the way. The sunset happens and Rudra comes. He asks them to run inside the door. They all run inside the door. And asks Rudra to hurry up. Bali gets active and stops Dansh. He attacks Dansh to kill them. Rudra leaves Thapadiya Maai with everyone and says no King Bali.

Bali looks at him and goes to Rudra. Bali says he is shiv’s ansh and asks him not to come in his way. Rudra says sorry, but I have come to save humanity and amrit, let me do my duty. Bali says this game is played before, such aim has cheat motive. He says about the yagya when Vishnu has taken him in words, and this

time no one has right on Amrit. Rudra says I can just see my ain, where I have to reach anyway. Bali says he is powerful and immortal too. Dansh gets up. Rudra says he will make everything possible today. Dansh takes his bag and tries to go. Bali catches him and throws him. Rudra goes to save Dansh and Bali throws him away.

He throws Dansh to Rudra and hits the ground by his sword. The door starts getting shut. Bali holds Rudra and Dansh in his arms and suffocates them. Maai stops Shivanand and says Bali is powerful as he has done big charity and kept his promise. She goes and stabs Bali. She asks Rudra to go with Dansh, as Bali does not attack women. She defends them. Rudra takes Dansh with him. The door is about to close. Thapadiya Maai fails to reach them, as Bali stops her. Rudra tries holding her hand. She cries and Bali drags her. Rudra shouts Maai. Dansh holds him. Rudra cries. Shivanand asks him to be proud of her, and not cry to make her sacrifice an ordinary death. Rudra gets his bag and Maai’s bag with him. He keeps her bag at the door. Rudra prays for her and cries. Everyone look on sadly. He wipes his tears.

They all proceed. They stop seeing dense fog. Tiwari falls down and Rudra holds his hand. They see the end of the cliff and he pulls Tiwari up. They all try to go ahead. Shivanand asks to cover themselves, they will be frozen. Leela asks where will we get next door. Shivanand asks her to think will we get it or not. Rudra says w will get the third door there and shows the ice mountains. They wear some warmers and move on.

Katherine sees Thapadiya Maai and says lets save her. Shivanand says I told you this ice will create fear to play with our heart. She says no, I have seen her, Maai is there. Dansh says shut up, you have gone mad, Thapadiya Maai can never come back. Katherine says he is mad, he has killed her. Dansh says did saving our life means killing others, everyone will die on their own. She asks why will we die. Dansh says he will reach Amrit, he did not come here to die, but to reach his aim. He says he can do anything for this. She slaps him tight. Everyone look on. Dansh gets angry.

Rudra says we need just one naag to cross the last door, you are not the one. Dansh kills Leela infront of them and says its imp for them to keep him alive now. Rudra cries and raises hand on Dandh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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