Mahakumbh 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Garudas taking care of Shivanand and applying some paste on his wounds. Charles says I know Rudra, she is your Maai Mui for you, but we can’t trust her now. Thapadiya Maai says she looks so well, but now we have seen her reality. Katherine says she is a back stabber. Rudra says even then we need her. Charles asks why, we don’t need her, maybe she knows more than us, but she can’t be with us now, whatever will happen now, will be without her. Rudra says Naags understood both the books, they will be planning to reach Amrit.

Naags are shown drilling the ground. Rudra says we have to fight with them by joining all our power links, no one’s power is active yet, how will we face them, its just Maai Mui can make you all get powers. Rao says there is one more way, to

activate their powers. He says the two books has all knowledge about the powers, one book is decoded by Shivanand and others needs to decoded. He asks Rudra to get the books from Maai Mui.

Rudra looks at Shivanand and leaves. Leela is shown doing some yogasana. Dansh comes to her and smiles. He claps and says he got happy seeing her hardwork. She says its for the fight, not to make anyone happy. She says good, intense test passed, now come for the fight. She says you have to make me ready. She holds her hand. She asks what is he doing. He says making ready. His finger impressions come on her hand and he holds her close.

He cuts her hand and says now you to Garuda, and tell them that Naag head had disowned you from the clan, by doubting on you. He says he has given her the love signs and this will make Rudra trust you, then she will be with them as Naag spy. She says they saved my life without any motive, if she joins them then….. He gets angry and smiles, saying Naags take revenge, not change. He says he trusts her a lot, if she changes, then this time even Rudra can’t save her from him. He says go and stops her. He slaps her to give a more real look and sees blood near her lips. He says perfect and asks her to go now.

Devesh plays chess and hears Balivesh doing best arrangements for Naag Guru. Balivesh says we are just slave in this game. Devesh says if slave kills others and reaches the other side, he becomes a minister, maybe this will happen with us. Grierson comes there and Balivesh asks him whats the problem now. Grierson says you can’t imagine, he did not know that there is someone more powerful than them. He shows the video and says I got information that new boss is coming to India, if his boss can die, then he can kill all of us. He says wherever he is, he will know about all movements in Mahakumbh.

A man is shown seeing live feeds of the Mahakumbh. Grierson says he is 10 steps ahead of us. Rudra gets injured Leela and thinks. The constable asks him not to touch her, as its police case. Rudra looks at them and they move back. Rudra takes her and leaves. Tiwari asks his staff who was that man. He sees Rudra bringing Leela. Rudra says I went to get books from Maai Mui and I got this girl injured on the way, take care of her. Katherine asks why does he want to help her, after knowing what Naag did with his dad. Rudra says she told me about Baba in Naaglok, and its our duty to treat her, I hope we all will try to do our duty. They agree. He says I will get the books and leaves. Tiwari thinks how does she come here, is this Dansh’s plan.

Devesh and Balivesh are glad that they are becoming minister now, they received the money and message, that he will meet soon. Devesh says they want to talk to us. Grierson comes to him and says new boss wants to clear sector 53, and asks them to get people. He says he will find some solution and leaves. Balivesh says its tough situation, Kumbh and Valley on both sides, they want to vacate the place where Naag Guru want to dig. Devesh worries,

Rudra looks for Maai Mui in Saraswati Kund and does not get her. He goes to the library and calls her out. She is not even there, and he recalls Rao’s words. He recalls Bhairavi’s words and says did she not wish other Garuda’s powers to get activated, so she took the books and left. Bhairavi comes to the Naag place and looks at them. She holds her stick.

Bhairavi meets Dansh and says she will join hands with him, and Amrit will be divided between Garuda and Daag. Dansh asks how. Rao tells Maai Mui took the two books and they all worry saying she joined the Naags.

Update Credit to: Amena

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