Mahakumbh 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairavi taking the book.s The other Garudas come there and stop her from taking the books. Katherine says they decided to keep books in library till Rudra’s dad does not get fine. Bhairavi says she is taking the books, she will slap Katherine if she comes in between. Katherine stops her. Bhairavi hits her with the rod and smiles. She beats Katherine. Charles asks her to keep the books. She beats him too. Tiwari is stunned and gets beaten up too. Charles falls and Tiwari aims the gun. She beats him. He falls down. She takes the books and says Katherine and Charles will get senses in few minutes, and even your hand. She says she could have killed them, if she wanted. She says they are Garuda and will be of use to her in future. She leaves from there.

Dansh laughs playing

the game. Leela says she did not cheat Naags, he has shot her and she did not ask for any answers from him after coming back, as it was part of their mission, what else she has to prove nw. Dansh says this is the problem of her and Garudas, emotions. She asks will he take her in this mission or not. Dansh says I m taking you, but you are not understanding, I m explaining the plan, even Garudas has some emotions overpowering them, like love, anger, and I used fear for Shivanand, the poison which I gave Shivanand has made him scared. Shivanand cries. Dansh says he will be afraid of death and not identify his son, and not know the friend and enemy, and it will make them kill each other before reaching us, now the fight is over, we have to get Amrit and celebrate in Mahakumbh, of our victory. He says the game has just begun, after Shivratri, you will the queen of the ruler.

Rudra comes to Shivanand and holds him saying Baba. Shivanand hugs him. He says she will come again and beat me with her stick. Rudra says no and makes him sit. Rudra says this is our home, Saraswati kund. Shivanand says she will kill you too, she is selfish. Rudra thinks what happened to Baba, that he does not feel safe in our home. Thapadiya Maai comes and asks what happened. Rudra says even I don’t know, I have to talk to Maai Mui, I can’t leave Baba alone, stay here till I come back. She says fine.

Rudra says I will have just and Shivanand says no, holding his hand tight. Rudra says I will come soon. Shivanand cries and leaves his hand. Rudra says take care and leaves. Shivanand says come soon. Thapadiya Maai says food for you, don’t be scared, no one will do anything. He says don’t beat me. She says calm down. He says I have to save Rudra and takes a stick to beat her. He shouts Rudra.

Rudra hears it and says Baba. He starts going back and sees Charles, Katherine and Tiwari hurt. He asks who did this. Charles says your Maai Mui. Rudra asks what is he saying. Rao says we can’t blindly trust anyone, what she is doing is hiding from all Garudas. Rudra says maybe its for our benefit, or the books is in danger, so she took the books. Katherone says why is she not saying us, and got violent with us. Thapadiya Maai comes running to them and says Maai Mui… I told her that Rudra told me to stay here, and she sent me out forcibly.

Tiwari says all this is making us doubt on her. Rao says we can’t be in darkness, we have to ask her questions. Tiwari says yes, come. Rudra says stop, I will meet her alone, I don’t want you to be sanding like culprit infront of everyone, trust me, her son will not ask her, Garuda head will ask her the questions. He leaves. Bhairavi beats Shivanand and he cries in pain. He says don’t beat me and is tied in chains. She says she will beat him till every drop of poison comes out of his body. Naags enter the Mahakumbh dressed as Sadhus and get all the arrangements to get the Amrit. Naag Guru prays and starts drilling the ground. He smiles. Bhairavi continues beating Shivanand. Rudra comes saying Maai Mui and holds the rod.

Rudra goes to Shivanand and sees his wounded. He hugs Shivanand. Rudra looks at Bhairavi angrily and getting teary eyed. He stands in between to protect Shivanand. She says move Ruddra, this is not your father, he is fear disease sent by Naags to us and this is the treatment, will he not agree. He says you are not Maai Mui. She says yes, I m 7th Garuda Bhairavi, I have to make Shivanand fine. He says I m Garuda had, and my aim is humanity, I can’t see any injustice, I will protect my dad. He says Shivanand is the brain of Garuda, such wise what he will cheat death, see him, so fearing, can he be your dad. He says his body is of his dad, no one can touch him not even her. She says he is doing a big mistake and will pay a big price. He says whatever I did till now, I have paid the price by staying away from them, this time I will pay being with them.

He asks why is she beating Garudas and taking the books. She says books are safe, don’t ask me before him, else it won’t be safe. Rudra says I want to be alone with my dad for sometime, you can go, this is the order of Garuda head. She obeys and leaves.

Leela says what if I join hands with Garuda. Dansh slaps her and says then Rudra will not be able to save you this time. Rudra gets Leela injured and says we will first save her and not think which clan she belongs. Grierson talks about someone. Balivesh tells Devesh that one side we have kumbh and on the other, a valley.

Update Credit to: Amena

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