Mahakumbh 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra getting Shivanand to Saraswati kund in unconscious state. Rudra asks him to open his eyes, the 7 Garuda are together in Saraswati kund and they have the books too, they will win over the Naags. Bhairavi says the fight just started. Rudra says I know, dad will make us reach our aim, as he is an important link. He says once he gets up, everything will be fine. The Garudas look at him, as he gets consciousness. Shivanand gets up and sees around.

Rudra says Baba…… Shivanand sees him and holds his neck. Everyone is shocked. Everyone try to stop Shivanand. Shivanand pushes everyone and they fall far. They together try to stop Shivanand. Bhairavi hits on Shivanand’s head and he falls down, unconscious again. They see his Garuda sign turning blue. Bhairavi asks everyone

to go out, she will take care of Shivanand. They all leave. She stops Rudra from touching Shivanand.

Rudra leaves. She looks at the Garuda sign and senses something. Leela tells her dad that Dansh shot her three bullets, she did not ask any explanation from Dansh, it was part of their mission,. Dansh told me that Garuda does not hurt women, it was true, I m the proof. Guru says I had trust on you, that Garuda will not get any secret from her. Leela says if I did not tell Rudra about his dad, no one would have survived in Naag clan. Guru says I told Dansh about this. He says if this poison can’t stop Garuda, then we don’t know what they can do.

All the Garuda talk in the secret library and think about Shivanand’s state. Thapadiya Maa says Rudra… He says what happened to Baba, he tried to kill me, even when I was infront of him. He says those eyes were not Baba’s, he can’t do this with me in any bad state. Tiwari says he was seeing as we are his enemies. Charles says yes, he attacked us. Katherine also agrees and says he got wild. Rudra says this is not any incident, something happened to her.

Charles hides the books and Thapadiya Maai says what can happen to Shivanand. Tiwari says its some secret. Rudra recalls Bhairavi. Rudra thinks maybe that’s why Maai Mui was worried for this. Bhairavi comes and says yes, we all Garuda are one part of the body, Shivanand is the brain and if he breaks down, we all will get weak, his heart is attacked and its very tough to fight with his heart, it will take time to heal him, we have to be careful. Rudra asks what happened to Baba. She says I need time to think how will he get fine and what happened to her, till I m sure he is fine, no one will meet and talk to him. Rudra says I want to meet him once. She says he is not your dad, you are not his son, she is not talking to any son, she is talking to Garudas about another Garuda.

She says if we have to fight this mega war, then we have to control our emotions. I will find his treatment alone, and thinks he has got poison from the Naags, if he does not get well, the poison will spread to all Garudas. Guru talks to Balivesh and Devesh about finding Amrit, by staying in Mahakumbh. Devesh offers support and Guru asks them to do arrangements soon. Balivesh says he will do all arrangements and leaves. Leela hears them and comes to her dad. She says she wants to fight for her clan and asks what she has to do. He says you will know when right time comes and goes to talk to Dansh.

Rudra sits sad seeing Shivanand and his childhood pic. He recalls Bhairavi’s words. He says no relation can make our relation small, you are the foundation of this Garuda league, come back to me. He keeps back the pic and leaves from the secret library. Dansh asks Guru did he talk to Balivesh and Devesh. Guru says all the arrangements will be done soon, but Garuda should not doubt. Leela says I will also come. Dansh looks at her. Leela says she is alive even after his three bullets. He says I know my decision was right to send you. She says we have seen Garudas are powerful, I will go along, I took this decision. Dansh says just Naag head can decide in Naag clan, I will tell you when you take you. Guru says he agrees with Dansh. Leela walks out.

Guru asks Dansh will he take Leela in the mission. Dansh says Leela is our biggest strategy, we can guess whats going on in Garuda’s mind, but just Leela can guess whats going on in Garuda’s heart. Rudra sees Shivanand tied with chains and crying. He frees him. Shivanand says don’t beat me, let me go. Rudra says I m your son Rudra. Shivanand says my son? Rudra? He loudly cries and hugs Rudra. Rudra asks him to calm. Shivanand says my son. Rudra asks who did this. Shivanand gets scared. Rudra says I won’t let anything happen to you, tell me who did this. Shivanand says there… and points saying that old woman has beaten me. Rudra says calm down. Shivanand says she will come again and beat me. Rudra says I m with you, no one will beat you. Shivanand says I have to save my Rudra, leave me. Rudra is stunned.

Dansh says Garuda will fight and kill each other. Bhairavi beats Shivanand, and Rudra stops her. Bhairavi says he is doing a big mistake. Rudra says you can leave. Grierson tells about someone who is coming in Mahakumbh. A new entry is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena

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