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Mahakumbh 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra turning and seeing Thapadiya Maai. She says you will get her, and makes him have food. Charles comes to him and shows Maya’s pic. Rudra is glad as Charles says he found Maya. Thapadiya Maai starts dancing with Charles. Rudra asks where is Maya. Charles says she is in sector 8, in some ashram. Maya serves some people in an ashram. Rudra’s mum is also there and her pics fall. Maya says Maa ji, have this and gives her the pics. His mum hugs the pics.

Rao is glad to receive the machine and shows it to Shivanand. Shivanand asks why did he call him urgently. Rao says I wanted to tell you about our mission, and shows satellite images and Saraswati river route and they have to find its secret and this machine will help us. He says lets take this inside.


asks him to open it. Shivanand takes out the machine and keeps it on table. Rao says its start of art machine, and we can find water existence in Saraswati river land and then find its source and connection. He asks him to focus on finding Garuda, if they don’t find the secret then even after finding the svene Garuda, then we will not get Amrita, Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati has to unite, we all will help you in finding remaining Garudas, but its just you who can do this work. Shivanand says Saraswati Kund will revive, all Garuda will unite and we will get the Amrit.

Maya asks Rudra’s mum what does she want, maybe she can get it. His mum says this place is everything for me, whatever is linked to my life is in this Mahakumbh, and I will get what I want just there, I will meet you in evening. Maya stops her and gives water and food, asking her to have it and take care. Rudra walks in there to find Maya.

A boy bumps into him and he sits to pick his items. His mum passes by him and leaves. Rudra sees Maya caring for old women. He stops recalling her words. He thinks he can’t meet her as she made him vow about Maai Mui, and why all this and for whom, he knows she also wants what he wants, to be together. Maya sees him and he moves back. She turns and cries seeing him leave.

Rudra walks out and thinks of her words. He sees two men bringing their blind mum and asking her to sit there. She asks where are they going. The man says we will come and want to get rid of his mum. Rudra is shocked. The lady asks Shravan where are you, I m very hungry, and asks Kishor to come. The men leave saying about managing her expenses is tough. Rudra goes to the lady. She says she is very hungry. Rudra opens the tiffin and makes her eat the food.

The lady says its good you made me have food, but where is Kishor. Rudra says no one will come and she is shocked, and asks who is he. He says I m Rudra. She asks where are my sons. He says they went and won’t come back, you have food. She asks how will they not come, my two sons, two bahus and four grandsons, they will come and calls out their names. Rudra asks do you want to meet your sons. She says yes. He says I will make you meet them, and lifts her. He takes her along.

The men wait for the bus and are shocked seeing Rudra bringing their mum. Shravan asks Kishor to be quiet, if she hears their voice then she will create a problem. Rudra slaps him and he asks is he mad. The lady asks Shravan to see what this man is saying, that he is leaving her. Shravan says he does not know her. The lady says you are asking me who am I, the mother who has bear you in womb for 9 months and did your upbringing. She cries.

She says you have taken my thumb impression on house property papers and got me here to visit Ganga. Rudra scolds the men and tells the lady that they are her sons. She says she won’t get Mukti if they do her last rites, and she will stay where he takes her. Rudra says come, I know a place and takes her. He lifts her and walks away.

Maya tells she does not know Rudra. Punnu asks Maya where is Rudra. Nanu talks to Swami ji. Katherine keeps an eye on Shivanand. Dadi talks about Rudra’s relation being more bigger than any other. Rudra holds Maya’s hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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