Mahakumbh 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Mahakumbh 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra explaining Shivanand that they need Naag’s support as Ashwathama told him. FB shows Ashwathama telling Rudra about Amrit manthan, and they have to take Naag’s help in getting Amrit. Shivanand says but Bali will not let Naags survive. Dansh says I m here, the sunrays have come, and my fate has stopped Bali. Leela cries. Thapadiya Maai asks about her dad. Dansh says her dad, my Guru ji got killed by Bali. He says we have one day, Bali is the lock which can’t be broken by power, we have to open the lock by mind, we have to find way to open the lock before sunset.

They all proceed ahead. Katherine stops and recalls Charles. Shivanand keeps his assuring hand on her head and takes her. Thapadiya Maai holds Katherine and they all move ahead. Dansh says this wall will

not let us go ahead, this is not made by stone, this is illusion, its not like we are seeing, our focus should be just on the door. Rudra stops seeing raging fire like lava and everyone get shocked seeing it. Rudra and everyone move back and the lava comes towards them. Rudra asks them to run from there and they all run backwards. They see the walls closing and moving towards them. They run as quickly as possible.

Dansh and Leela get separated from the group. Many walls form up and they all change their ways to escape. The Garudas see the huge door infront of them and the walls halt. They all smile seeing the door. Rudra asks where are Dansh and Leela. Dansh and Leela keep running. Thapadiya Maai says they will come, we need them and even they need us, lets move ahead. Rudra and Garudas walk to the door. Dansh and Leela also come there, and smile. Rudra looks at Thapadiya Maai.

Shivanand hugs Rudra and they smile. Shivanand touches the door and it converts into a wall. They all get shocked. Rudra sees the door forming somewhere else. They all get puzzled by the illusion. Shivanand asks now what, its all illusion, its going to be evening, how will we get through this. Rudra sees the walls coming towards them again. He asks them to come and they all run back. They all see the big door and Dansh says Bali is here to welcome us, and the door is open.

Shivanand says when way looks easy, then illusion gets tough. Rudra says he will go and bring Maai and looks for her. Thapadiya Maai gets stuck between the walls. Shivanand says how to get ahead without her. Rudra looks for her. She panics and tries finding way out. She gets blocked by the walls and big stones fall on her. He asks where is she. She is under the debris and Rudra sees her. She calls out Rudra. He gets shocked.

Shivanand says we will wait for Rudra and Thapadiya Maai. Rudra saves her and she slaps him, asking why did he not go. Bali awakens as sunset happens and is about to kill Dansh. Rudra asks Bali to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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