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Mahakumbh 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivanand moving aside her purse and taking a book. Katherine stops and he asks her to think of this place as her home. He leaves. She gets angry and makes b*t*hy expressions. She gets a message and leaves taking her purse. She hears about Nirvana and turns to see Grierson sitting as a saint/Baba. She shows her hand and says we could have spoken on phone. He says this Mahakumbh is very imp, it comes in 144 years, you have to work very hard. She says I know and asks his plan. He says we have less time, I have come to help. She says about Rudra and Shivanand, he is after something. He says I know what he is upto, he wants to know the secret. She says I will do not this, there is a reason why I m chosen.

A couple comes and Grierson checks their hand, and asks her to do

what he told her, anything can happen anytime, what he told should happen. Katherine greets him and leaves. Rudra closes his eyes and recalls Shivanand’s words against Maya. He recalls Maya and gets restless. Piya tora…………..Kesariya balam hamaar………… plays…………. Rudra walks outside. He recalls her words and sits near the ghat. Charles looks for Rudra and asks few people. He says where did he go and sees him sleeping on the ghat near the boat. Charles smiles seeing him sleep and says his love story boat is at one edge and I have to make it reach the other edge, mission Maya begins.

Rao talks to Shivanand about taking the machine to Saraswati Kund. Shivanand says how to hope it will be successful when the main person behind it is not supporting us. Rao asks what. Shivanand says Rudra, Garuda fail by getting weak in emotions, how will Rudra protect Amrit and fulfill his aim. Rudra wakes up and looks around. Rao says even Charles did not accept this. Shivanand says we have to find them and make them realize their aim. Rao says you have two responsibilities, to find them and to protect them from evil entities. He shows Katherine’s pic and says I don’t know she is Garuda or a threat to Garuda, I m tracking her via Charles and I thought to alert you, as she is part of Brahmanisht.

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Shivanand says we have reason to keep an eye on her and greets him. He leaves. Rudra comes to Dadi. She asks him to sit. Rudra asks her not to go. She asks who said I m going, I m a grandmother and head of Brahmanisht, I have to get food for you, as you are hungry. She goes to get food. He looks at the food. She asks why is he staring, won’t he eat lady’s finger. He cries. She makes him eat it. He recalls Maai Mui cooking lady’s finger for him, and hugs Dadi. Dadi asks whats this burden, with whom are you fighting. Rudra says with myself. He says Maai Mui’s words. He says Udiya Baba, then Maai Mui and now Maya left me. Dadi says so Maya is the one, now tell me, will you make me wait more.

She says till the story did not get happy ending, think the story did not end. He says Maya met me in Banaras for the first time, Balivesh and Anivesh has sent her to get me. He tells everything and how Maai Mui was killed by Pandey. He says she believes she is responsible for Maai Mui’s murder so she went, this is end of the story.

Charles talks to Tiwari’s assistant and talks about a hot girls group. He asks is he not bored seeing old faces all day, see something interesting too. The guy says I also feel to go, but work… Charles says I will take over and sends him. Dadi tells Rudra that story doesn’t end without happy ending.

She says Shivanand use to say people are tied by love and more by Karma, and I agree to it today, you and Maya are linked by Karma, and you will surely get Maya. Charles sees the cameras and asks the man to zoom. He sees Maya serving some old women and asks which area is this. The man says its far, sector 8. Charles smiles and thinks Mahabali Rudra, get ready to meet your Parvati/Maya. Rudra gets sad recalling Maya. Someone comes and holds him. Rudra says Maya and turns to see.

Swami ji says we have to take revenge for Anivesh’s death. Nanu asks him to reach Rudra. Rudra talks to Shivanand. Nanu says he has seen true love in Rudra’s eyes for Maya. Maya says she does not know him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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