Mahakumbh 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra joining hands with Dansh. Dansh hugs him. Rudra sees Leela. Vrish looks at their staring. Shivanand says door is closing Rudra. They all run towards the door. Rudra looks at the door and runs. They all get inside the door. They see large dark maze type walls with lightning bugs. They use torches and proceed. Tiwari asks Naags to come along.Vrish says its their region, they attack by sense and not eyes. Shivanand says we Garuda don’t attack anyone even by mistake. They all proceed. They see Bali’s stone statue and stop.

Shivanand says this is Raja Bali’s statue. He says its not a good sign. Rudra looks at everyone and says where is Dansh. Leela says Dansh has sworn that he will kill Bali, so he has gone ahead. Rudra says it means Dansh has taken the weapon from

the statue. Shivanand says even Lord don’t have power to lift Bali’s weapon, just Bali can lift it. Rudra says it means Bali has got active.

Dansh runs in the maze. Thapadiya Maai concentrates and hears the heavy footsteps. She says he is very powerful. Bali and Dansh are shown running. Vrish says this terracoota was Naaglok, but Bali is ruling here, he has won against the Lord to rule on the world, and then Lords have seen its impossible to win over Bali and requested Vishnu.

They told him that Lords rule the heavens and Bali did a yagya on his Guru’s saying, where Vishnu has taken avatar and asked land which he can measure in three steps, and Bali promised him and he did not expect what happened. He says Vishnu has taken such big avatar that Vishnu has stepped on earth and heaven, and there was no place to keep third step, so he bowed infront of him, Vishnu has stepped on his head and cursed him to be in terracotta, and given him rights to rule here, since then its war between Bali and Naags, just time can stop him, Dansh will die here if he does not understand. Thapadiya Maai says sins will end anyhow.

Dansh comes face to face with Bali. Leela tells Rudra that she can’t tell what will happen, if they don’t reach Dansh on time, then…. Dansh and Bali run towards each other. Dansh falls down. They all hear some sound and turn to see. Vrish looks on and goes. Rudra stops him and says Dansh will fight. Vrish says he is his Guru and has to help Dansh. Rudra says time will help Dansh and he will be saved, juts Naags can defend Bali, Bali can’t fight after sunrise, not with anyone and not for any reason. They look on. Vrish runs to save Dansh. Dansh comes out and fights again. Rudra asks everyone to come along. Leela stands alone. Thapadiya Maai calls her and takes her along with them. Bali hits Dansh. Dansh falls down and rages.

Dansh makes air storm waves by his sword and comes near Bali. Bali proceeds to him and they fight. Bali holds Dansh’s neck and attacks on him. Dansh loses his sword and Bali throws Dansh away. Dansh falls on the stairs and it breaks. Bali flies in air and comes to him. He aims the point of his sword on Dansh and throws Dansh. Leela asks how much time more for sunrise. Rudra says don’t know, when the lightning bugs stop glowing and when sun light comes…………..

Vrish comes to help Dansh and sees Dansh wounded. Bali goes to him. Dansh runs to Bali and Bali kicks him. Vrish tries to bite Bali by his snake tongue, and Bali cuts it by his sword. Vrish screams and everyone hear him. Leela says dad and runs to him. Rudra and Garudas look on. Bali holds Vrish’s neck and kicks Dansh. He flies with Vrish and throws his head in the sand. Dansh rages and looks at him. Bali gives him a stare. He leaves Vrish unconscious and stops as sunrays enter the terracotta region. He runs from there before sunrays touch him. Dansh stops him. Bali turns into stone and disappears before Dansh attacks him. Leela comes there and sees Vrish on the ground. Dansh runs to Vrish. She sits crying and Dansh smiles.

Dansh says this wall will not let us go easily, its illusion. Rudra says come fast from here and the place gets fire. They all run and get blocked by many walls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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