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Mahakumbh 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivanand bringing Rudra to his secret library. Katherine shows Rudra’s pics and asks did they seriously send for him, why did they preserve Pandey’s family’s dead bodies for Rudra, after they told him they will protect them, many mistakes. Nanu asks where is Maya. Katherine says you behaved so wrong with her, when she would have been useful to control Rudra, and she went for her guilt, I don’t know where is she. Nanu says I commend your planning, what ahead. Grierson says we will reach Shivanand and Rudra, I know him since 24 years and I know how to get him.

Rudra sees the systems and research done by his dad, being amazed. (Thinking even he does not have this much talent, and thankfully that he did not lose his hair like his dad!!) Shivanand plays the Kumbh

tone and some patterns get generated on systems and air. He sees the Rudraksh. He asks whats this Baba. Shivanand asks him to sit. Rudra looks on. Shivanand says first you have to answer my imp questions Rudra.

He asks the motive of Mahakumbh. Rudra says its imp, as its after 144 years. Shivanand asks is it done? He says what do you know about Amrit and its protection. Rudra says nothing, why are you asking me. Shivanand says a bird does not need to be taught to fly, and tiger’s son does not need to be taught to hunt, you have all the knowledge which you don’t realize, I m asking you so that you realize it and make it your fate.

He asks Rudra what can he see in this air universe formation. Rudra says a map, where some sign is there. Shivanand asks him to see the sign, it’s the sign who has the vision of its knowledge. He says half lines and Rudra completes it, being shocked of himself. Shivanand smiles. He asks him to focus so that he can identity all protectors and they can unite. Rudra closes his eyes.

He recalls the incidents and Shivanand asks him to just see the protectors, and not anything else. He says identify the truth, Maya is cheat and lie. Rudra breaks his concentration and says I can’t, as Maya is biggest lie for you, and biggest truth for me. He leaves. Shivanand says till Rudra does not get calm, they all can’t unite, and in this case, then it will be ruining everything.

Rao is shown resting in his room, and someone walks inside dressed as doctor, and takes a pillow. Its Charles and he smiles, keeping the pillow under his head. He covers him with a blanket and starts leaving. Rao says Charles, now you need to change your getup to know about my health. Charles smiles and says you are still sharp, look fit and fine. He says Tiwari and I are Garuda, but why are you doubting on innocent girl Katherine. Rao says we got report from Interpol on whom they have to keep an eye on Mahakumbh, Katherine is the 23rd suspect. Charles says relax and sees Tiwari while leaving.

Tiwari greets him and says Charles is back, how is he feeling now. Rao says I m fine, and asks about Ganga project. Tiwari says its approved and funds will come. Rao says we can get machines and Shivanand is back, we have to meet him soon to start our work. Katherine fixes spy camera everywhere in Brahmanisht camp. Thapadiya Maai comes and she gets tensed.

She says she has come to get Nirvana and makes her busy in her talk. Thapadiya Maai calls her close and Katherine moves back, saying that is not Nirvana, its your slap. Shivanand comes there and they are shocked seeing him. Thapadiya Maai drops the water glass and says some lines, leaving. Shivanand greets Katherine and says he is Rudra’s dad. She says she is Katherine and that was Thapadiya Maai. He asks where are you from. She says Greece.

He asks did she come with family. She says no, my parents died in car accident, when I was small and I don’t have any family. He says sorry about that, I hope you don’t have any problem here, take care. He turns to her and finds her tensed. He walks towards her purse and she gets a knife to harm him.

Shivanand says about Garuda being weak in emotions and talks about Rudra. Rao asks Shivanand to do his two duties, find the Garudas and save them from the evil powers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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