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Mahakumbh 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra getting Charles and Katherine to Dadi. Dadi looks at them. Charles introduces himself as Rudra’s friend and Katherine. He says and this is Maai…. And sees her sitting far and eating, saying this is Thapadiya Maai holding his cheek. Dadi and Thapadiya Maai’s first meeting leads to a deep stare. Dadi blesses her and smiles. Thapadiya Maai hugs her as they know each other since ages.

Thapadiya Maai takes back her curse, and gets Prasad by Dadi. Dadi says welcome to Brahmanisht. Rudra says they all are my friends, can they stay here with us. Dadi says they are her guests now. Thapadiya Maai starts dancing and leaves. Dadi says I won’t ask any question at this moment. She asks them to sit.

Shivanand says Tiwari and Charles ate Garuda, as told by Rao,

it means I have to find three more Garuda now. He tries locating them on the systems and sees three Garuda together in Brahmanisht, even Rudra is there, it means two Garuda are near Rudra. He takes a mobile and calls for Tiwari. Tiwari says he is busy in meeting, he will call later. Shivanand says then who is with Rudra, they can be my 5th of 6th, I have to find Rudra. He keeps his mobile back and gets ready to leave from his secret research place.

Thapadiya Maai asks Dadi for food as she is hungry. Dadi gives her food. She smiles and says Brahmanisht foundation is based on serving others, so they can ask for any help. Charles says now its time for me to leave, and… Dadi says you can call me Dadi. Charles smiles and says I will leave Dadi. Katherine says even I have some work, thanks for bringing us here and greets her. Thapadiya Maai says even I will come, and goes along.

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Three of them leave and Shivanand walks past them. Dadi says burden on heart is like stone bag, it will increase in weight, you can come to me to share, it will help you. Rudra nods. He says I will just come and leaves. Shivanand comes and looks for Rudra. He says where did he go. He greets his mum and asks who was with Rudra. She says they were many and still they are many, and taunts him saying she knows what he is trying to find out. He takes her blessings and leaves.

He thinks he has to take Rudra to library to know the seven Garuda, as he has the vision to identify them, as his Rudraksh can just say the location. Dadi stops him and gives Prasad, saying I wish Lord gives you some sense. Shivanand spots Rudra. He comes to Rudra and Rudra gives a nice expression saying Baba. Shivanand says I was alone for 24 years and bear a lot, l still did not break as I was sure I will meet you in this Mahakumbh. He says I came to know that your wounds are deeper than mine. We all have our fate, and beliefs.

He says whatever my mum and I gave the differences, I still have some expectations which you can fulfill. Rudra says I did not understand. Shivanand says you have to move towards your aim, we have spent many years for this, will you help me in this. He says come, we need to find some answers.

Swami ji argues with Grierson and Katherine comes over there hiding her face. Swami ji says what does Grierson want to prove keeping an eye on them. Katherine says that you guys are irresponsible and harmful for the mission. She reveals her face and smiles. Grierson says when Pandey informed me about Rudra, I have sent Katherine to India, she started keeping an eye on him, all this was her plan, we have been training her since many years, when time comes, she will fight against Shivanand and Rudra in this Mahakumbh.

Swami ji’s men laugh on Katherine calling her weak. She lest her hair loose and beats the man on his chest. Swami ji and Nanu are shocked. Grierson laughs. Swami ji asks whats motive to do this, will she show us the way now. Katherine says not way, but mistakes.

Dadi tells Rudra that her heart says he will get Maya again. Swami and Nanu talk to take revenge for Anivesh’s death by Rudra, and his weakness is Maya. Rao talks to Shivanand about Katherine, saying he does not know about Katherine, she is Garuda herself or a threat to Garuda.

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  1. Katherine shud be a garuda. And ignorant to this fact.nhi to charles ka kya hoga

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