Mahakumbh 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru explaining Dansh about the Amrit kalash, which will have 7 doors and 7 Garuda to protect it. Dansh says if they get it and if he snatches it from them. Gugu says it will appear for just 7 mins and asks him to think what he is saying, about the secret that he got from Shivanand’s mind. He says we have to decide how to reach the Amrit Kalash, based on the two books. Dansh gives an injection to Shivanand. Dansh senses something and checks the books. She gets the tracker in it and removes it.

He gets it in another book too and Guru looks on. Katherine, Tiwari and Charles are following the tracker. Shivanand comes there looking for Rudra. They smile seeing him. Dansh looks on. Shivanand recalls Rudra’s death and beats them. He acts like mad man and asks who are they,

why are they after his son. Tiwari says nothing happened to Rudra. Shivanand beats three of them and says I m Rudra’s dad, and beats them. They all fall down.

Dansh smiles and says Garuda’s intentions is very clear and could not think of his plan, he had doubt of the chips planted in books. He says fun will start now, when Shivanand and all Garuda get after Rudra’s life. Dansh looks and says Rudra can you hear your dad’s screams, he will say you have failed, not won. Rudra enters the cave.

He looks for Shivanand. The Naags come there to attack him. They aim gun and shoot him. No bullet touches him. He counters them together. Rudra catches Guru and asks for his dad. Guru says he got the secret of the books and he will not tell him. He burns the books and leaves. Rudra takes the books out of the fire. He thinks of Bhairavi’s words. He shouts Baba.

Dansh laughs and acts saying no, what love is this between father and son, I m big villain, but how can I do this. He laughs. Rudra beats the Naags and comes to Guru. He holds his neck and asks where is Baba. Leela comes and says leave him, I will say. Guru signs no. Leela says let him go, Gaurda don’t kill anyone, they save lives, I know where is your Baba. Rudra leaves him. Shivanand leaves in the Naag van.

Dansh asks them to meet soon, as he can’t wait more. Rudra runs on the road and Shivanand sees him. He sees Dansh in him and races the van. Rudra sees him and says Baba. Shivanand visualizes Dansh aiming gun at him. Rudra says stop the van Baba. He signs him and Shivanand speeds up. Rudra gets firm and holds the van. Shivanand races and Rudra looks at him, applying more power to stop it.

Dansh says great, wow Shivanand you showed me historic moment, breath taking, a father is taking a son’s life. The speed falls. Rudra says Baba and Shivanand stops. Rudra leaves the van. Shivanand recalls Rudra’s death and says don’t be afraid Rudra, I won’t let anything to you. He races the van and Rudra lifts it to stop the wheels from rotating on the ground and passing ahead. Shivanand still hits him and Rudra moves back. He hits the stone and falls. Rudra says Baba and hugs him crying.

Rudra brings Shivanand to Saraswati kund. Shivanand wakes up and holds Rudra’s neck. Dansh slaps Leela for cheating him and removes her from Naagvansh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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