Mahakumbh 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Leela saying Naags don’t cheat Naags. Rudra says we Garuda don’t cheat anyone and asks her to go. She thanks him for saving her life. She leaves the injection there. Rudra looks at it. The police aims at Leela and stop her. Thapadiya Maai stops and says she will not let her go without taking off the poison from Maya. Charles aims gun and other Garudas come. Tiwari comes there and stop her. Katherine stops Charles and deals with Leela. They have a fight. Rudra comes and says stop, let her go.

Charles says she was running, I said she will cheat. Rudra says no, I told her to go back. He says let her go now. Katherine leaves Leela. Thapadiya Maai says stop her, what about Maya, save my Maya, she can save Maya. She aims gun at Leela and says you can’t go, stop. Rudra comes

in between and says you are like my mother, this girl will go back safe. She says you are not that Rudra now, who did not think and ran after the thief to save my bag, and now when we can’t think Maya, don’t know what are you thinking, this girl can take off the poison from Maya and even then you are letting her go.

She says you became super protector, you don’t care about your dad and Maya. She drops the gun and leaves. Rudra says go and sends Leela. Tiwari gets a message and asks Charles and Katherine to come with him. Dansh takes a poison and injects to Shivanand. They bring a random man and Shivanand visualizes Rudra in him. Dansh says no one noticed whats the unique relation between killer and the prey, when life is near its death, its very pure moments. Shivanand gets restless.

Dansh says they leave the hope to get life, as they know they got the death time, they can see the death and death can see some pics of their loved ones in their eyes, with whom they have spent their life, and scares Shivanand more.

Dansh stabs Rudra and Shivanand says Rudra. The man falls down. Shivanand is shocked. Dansh says its strange relation between life and death, you understood some today and remaining in next satsang with some new guest. Shivanand gets shaken up. Dansh says we have to make them weak by their emotions, as it’s the weakest link to use in our favor. Guru says he has get in loss by his smartness. Dansh says it will be new experiment and this will break Shivanand’s silence.

Tiwari shows the location they traced of Shivanand. Dansh breaks Shivanand more by killing innocent people and showing him as Rudra. Tiwari says we will go there and free Shivanand from Dansh and Naags, we will go without Rudra. Charles says no, its about his dad, and I will not cheat him. Katherine says our powers are not activated. Tiwari says we will go and Charles stops him, he is our head. Tiwari says just by powers. Charles says whatever, I will not go anyone go against Rudra. Tiwari says we have to get Shivanand and the books to protect the Mahakumbh.

Guru reads the books, and smiles. Rudra sits concentrating. A divine light comes at his back. Bhairavi comes to him. He says I will go. She says whatever danger comes, he has to get Shivanand back today. He takes her blessings. She turns her face. He says Maai Mui. She says its imp for all 7 Garuda to be together, they have to keep all Garuda safe. He promises her that we 7 Garuda will come back together.

Guru makes Shivanand lie down and says your brain has solved all secrets in 24 hours, and it will come out now, when the poison affects on you, we will get all info out. Dansh comes and looks on. Guru works on the systems and some Rudraksh show the location.

Rudra asks about his dad and beats the Naags and Guru. Leela says I know where is your dad. Rudra gets Shivanand in Saraswati kund, and gets stunned as Shivanand gets angry and holds his neck.

Update Credit to: Amena

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