Mahakumbh 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra saving Leela by holding her hand and pulling her up. Other Garudas come there and see them. Rudra makes her lie down and checks her pulse. They stop him from helping her, as she is Naag. Rudra says I m a protector first. Tiwari says what can we do. Bhairavi comes and says she can tell us about Maya’s treatment, we should know what we have to do. They take Leela with them. Bhairavi treats her and removes bullet from her neck.

Tiwari says if we know this girl can help us, even Naags will be knowing this. Bhairavi removes more bullets. She heals Leela by her powers. All her wounds get clear and fine. She says she is fine now, but something increased, Garuda head had to decide which you did, but all Garudas are angry. He says my duty is my priority, when everyone’s

thinking match then only we can work together, just some patience and time to get Baba back.

Dansh comes to Shivanand and smiles. Dansh says he has him and also the two books of Amrit’s secret, now no one can come between them and Amrit, not even fate. Shivanand smiles. Dansh gets tensed and asks did I crack joke. Shivanand says if he jokes, then he will laugh. He says what did he think, if he gets the books, he will get Amrit too, what if he fails the Garudas, Rudra will come and take me from here, no one can stop him. He says your fate and Naags can’t stop him.

He says when the 7 Garudas get together, then one Garuda will overpower 1000 Naags like him, and asks him to feel good by his victory happiness before his failure. Dansh says you just met your son and got strength like vitamin tablet. Shivanand stays strong and this irks Dansh. He hits his chair and tortures him more. Dansh leaves. Charles asks why is Rudra doing this, Naags have ended his family. Rudra says Dansh has killed them, we can’t punish anyone innocent.

Katherine says Naags don’t have humanity. Charles says Leela will cheat you. Tiwari says our plan to find Shivanand failed. Katherine says we will force that girl to tell us. Rudra says I saved her as its my duty, not to use her to find Baba, I will get Baba on own. He leaves. Tiwari says we kept tracking device in books, and its not working, why is everything going against us.

Dansh gets himself punished and recalls Shivanand’s words which has hurt his ego. Guru stops the Naag. Dansh says beat me more that I don’t sense pain. Guru says Dansh… Dansh says I just wanted Amrit, but now I want Garuda’s death. He asks if his Naag sign gets erased, he will be just an ordinary man. He takes the injection and gives Dansh. Dansh gets hurt. Guru says don’t lose before the fight. The Naag sign appears again on his back. Guru asks about Leela.

Dansh opens his eyes and turns to see him. He says I have shot her. Guru is shocked. Leela wakes up and is shocked seeing Bhairavi. She looks around and sees knife in fruits. She takes it and holds Bhairavi. She says they did mistake to keep her here knowing she is from Naagvansh. Bhairavi smiles and says she is here so she is alive, the Naas left her to die. She pushes Leela down and says we Garuda trust life, not death.

She asks does she not trust and throws the knife to her, asking her to stab her. Leela is stunned. Bhairavi asks her name. Leela says Leela. Bhairavi says she will understand Lord’s Leela and leaves. Dansh tells Guru that he has shot three bullets to Leela to get the books. Guru asks where is her body. Dansh says if we stopped for body, we could have lost. Guru says she can be alive, if she is with Garuda and then she will be alive, Garuda does not believe in death. Dansh says then it will be big test for her, will she join them.

Guru says your trust is less, I m sure she will not cheat us. Dansh says then it will be good for her, I love less and hate cheaters more. He says Leela knows this very well. Leela looks outside and sees police. She takes out an injection and Rudra says no need to kill anyone. She stops and sees him.

Leela asks Rudra not to have any hope from her after saving her life. Charles asks Tiwari not to cheat Rudra, he will not let anyone go against her. Katherine beats Leela. Rudra says let her go, I told her to leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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