Mahakumbh 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Garudas getting ready to be backup for Rudra in saving Shivanand. Bhairavi gives clothes to Rudra and he gets ready. Tiwari sends his staff and says we are reaching there. Rudra says I m coming Baba. Dansh sees Shivanand. Leela asks her dad what should she do now. Dansh asks her to take Shivanand to leave him, and bring two books from Rudra. She asks is he coming alone, what if he is not alone, if he cheats anyone. Dansh says Garuda does not cheat, history knows, they agreed to become slaves for their mum, I will keep an eye, don’t worry, Rudra does not attack women, so I m sending you.

He says get the books, and leave on me what to do next. Dansh says I did not fail till now. Bhairavi gives the books to Rudra and does his tilak. She blesses him. The Naags also prepare

and Leela takes the gun. They put Shivanand in the van. Leela’s dad asks her to take care and come victorious. She smiles and leaves. Tiwari comes there with his team and Garudas.

Rudra comes alone there and faces the Naag van. He calls out Dansh aloud. Dansh looks on in the systems and smiles. He says welcome in my world Rudra. He tells Leela that Rudra has come alone, take two books before exchanging it with Shivanand. Leela says fine and asks the Naag to bring Shivanand. Rudra is stunned seeing Shivanand’s bad state.

He gets angry and asks her about Dansh. She asks did you come to meet Dansh or take your Baba back. Rudra says what did you do with my dad, now no one of you will be saved. She says your dad is alive. He says yes, if not then.. She says if you start this, it will go far, I don’t have time like you, give the books and go with your dad. Rudra goes to his jeep and gets the books.

She says stop there else we will shoot your dad, and asks him to keep books there. Tiwari proceeds with his team. Rudra keeps the books. Leela says stop, move away. She aims gun at him. Dansh is stunned seeing other Garudas approaching, and checks them on systems. Dansh sees them by binoculars and gets angry. He says it means he did not come alone. Leela aims gun at Rudra. Tiwari sees her by binoculars. They also aim guns at the Naags. Leela goes to take the books. Dansh says exchange mission abort.

Leela is shocked and moves away from the books. She goes back to Shivanand and Rudra gets puzzled. He senses Tiwari and other Garudas present nearby, and understands. He turns and aims gun at Leela. Dansh says fire and Naags and Garudas start shooting at each other. Dansh comes to Leela and asks him why did he get his team, he is a coward. Rudra says we don’t have anything good between us Dansh. Dansh says he did a big mistake, he took risk of his dad, this will be proved costly.

Rudra takes Leela and asks Dansh to stop his men and get Shivanand back. Dansh says you are good, you can’t kill anyone. Charles asks Rudra to get Shivanand, Dansh is trapping him. Dansh says I know you well Rudra, you can’t kill anyone innocent, but I can kill. He shoots Leela down. Leela is stunned and Rudra holds her.

Dansh takes the books and leaves. Rudra runs after him. The Naag and Garuda fight goes on. Dansh does blasts to stop the Garudas and Rudra. Rudra misses Dansh and Shivanand and rushes. Leela falls down the cliff. Rudra rushes to save her and holds her hand.

Charles tells Rudra that Leela will cheat them. Leela holds Bhairavi captive. Rudra says he will get Shivanand. Shivanand says one Garuda is more powerful over 100 Naags. Dansh punishes himself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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