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Mahakumbh 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra seeing the big Kalash. Dakshak says the third book is here. Bhairavi opens her eyes and looks at Naags guarding her. Rudra greets the Kalash and moves it away to get the third book placed beneath it. Dansh smiles. Rudra puts back the Kalash and sees the book. Bhairavi appears there and shocks everyone. Dansh runs to Rudra. She hits the ground and holds Rudra’s hand to disappear. Dansh scolds Shivanand and asks was this his plan. He says he can’t trust Garudas. Shivanand says you don’t know whats in it, just they can reach there by the door, and no one knows it, and if anyone follows then its impossible to say in which time zone will they reach, just Bhairavi can say it.

He says he has helped him and he has known the meaning, next time he will not stop him. Dakshak

talks to Shivanand and says every student is not wise like him. Shivanand says you are Mahaguru and Amar, you know everything. Dakshak asks does he know what he is. Shivanand helps him come out of the tunnel. Dakshak says testing a wise is testing yourself, we can’t move ahead without the book. They hear the hal hal sounds.

Rudra gives the book to Bhairavi. She says we got the third book, but I can see regret on your face, not success. Rudra says its his bad fate, Udiya Baba, Maai Mui, Maa, Dadi, Punnu, Sahadev, no one survived, don’t know how many have to sacrifice. She says Mahakumbh is life giver to the world, whats happening now happens every 144 years, this make life pure, he is chosen for this and he can’t talk like weak people. Rudra says protecting Amrit, he has to be human right, he lost his family, his dad is with Naags, will this not affect him.

She says Shivanand’s going to Naags is not stunning, its Naag’s plan, and explains him smiling that its not like they see, but they have to be firm on the ground. Maya comes to look for Rudra and hides. Rao’s men look for her along with Grierson. Grierson sees the Garudas comng and leaves.

Grierson tells Rao that he did not get Maya. Rao slaps him and says sorry, but you are a fool, you could not killed Maya if you could not catch her. Grierson says don’t know where she went. Rao says Devesh would have told her about me, and now she will say Garuda, its time I show my true face to the world. Maya tells everyone about Rao. The Garudas don’t trust her. She cries and asks why will I lie. Charles says so that your Mama and Nana control everything. She says they are dead. They are shocked. Shivanand asks how do you know. Maya says Devesh was killed by Grierson infront of me. She tells everything.

She asks why did Rao did not say I m kidnapped, as Grierson kidnapped me on his saying, he has come here, they came here and he left else… Shivanand says he would have killed you too, Rao will be planning this too. Charles says Nanu. Shivanand asks Tiwari to secure Maya, no one should harm her. He blesses Maya and leaves. Thapadiya Maai asks her not to be afraid, they are with her. Maya cries. They all leave. Maya sees the Mani in her dupatta knot.

Bhairavi tells Rudra that they have to find Amrit secret today itself. He asks why. She says he knows the hurdles. She asks him to control Shivanand. Rudra says I can’t do this, he is my dad. She asks him to think he is fighting against evil, whoever come infront of him, does not matter, else they will lose the time and all the world will be in problem. Rudra says he can’t raise hand on his father. She says he has to raise weapon against him, its Dharam yudh, its his decision. She says he has to decide today, till then she will do the last try to explain Shivanand. Shivanand says we need the third book anyway, time is less. Bhairavi comes to them.

Bhairavi says I know what you want and you will never get it Shivanand, Rudra and Garudas fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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