Mahakumbh 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairavi giving black clothes to Rudra. He wears it and looks at the Idol. She makes him wear some wrist band and ties the bead neckwear. She says this is the start of your new life, which you thought the sunset, is actually the sunrise of new power, this new sunshine has all answers, you are called by your motive, tell what next now. He touches her feet and takes her blessings. He folds hands and prays. He takes the Garuda weapon. Rudra visualizes many people entering the Kumbh.

Some people ask everyone to take care of old people and kids. Bhairavi asks Rudra what can he see. He says Mahakumbh, and lakhs of devotees and going ahead to dip in Ganga. She asks what else can he see. He says they have danger on them, we have to stop them. The people break the barriers even when

police asks them to move back. She says even I can see this. She asks what next now. He says this is our duty, we have to fight with this problem, I have to protect them. She smiles. Rudra goes.

The police asks them not to go ahead and people don’t listen. They think to inform Tiwari as this can cause big incident. The people run and fall over, and even kids fall and get under others. Rudra comes there and jumps to the police shade. He sees the people and jumps down to save those who fell. The man thanks him. Rudra sees the kid and runs to save him. He asks the kid is he scared. The kid says not now. Rudra sees the rope and holds it to stop the people. He says its danger ahead, don’t go ahead. The people still try to go and he holds the rope tight and makes them move back. The people stop seeing him. Rudra has the kid over his shoulder even now and does his work. All devotee take notice of this and stop. Rudra turns to those who went ahead. He leaves the ropes and talks to them. He says danger ended, calm down. He says everyone is alive, you will reach your loved ones slowly, have patience. The lady takes the kid and thanks him for saving the kids. The call him protector and greet him. Rudra says Kaka, if your son was in my place, even he would have done this, what I did was my fate’s order. Bhairavi looks on. Rudra sees her and walks towards her. He touches her feet. She blesses him and says you are really a protector now.

He looks at the crowd and asks them not to worry, and requests them to go for bath by other exit, and agree to police and other people. They all say Har Har Mahadev. The crowd does not go out of control now. Bhairavi asks what next now Rudra. He says she is waiting for us. She says lets go. Kuch bhi na kaho………….plays…………….. The Naag sees Rudra and Bhairavi. Dansh walks in his area and all Naags bow to him. He meets his Guru and says we are fulfilling our aim, but prize is 90%,. His boss says she reached Rudra.

Dansh asks is he not happy with this result. His Guru says he heard a lot, which has shaken his trust and has fear instead of happiness. Dansh says why to fear when Dansh is with him. Guru ji says she has reached Rudra. Dansh says its good news, now the fight will be equal. Guru ji says Rudra’s power will be 100 times more, we have bear Garuda and lost to them becoming their slaves, this time I can see we will win, we can’t lose this time.

Dansh smiles. Guru ji says its more tough now, as Rudra is in his real avatar. Dansh says Garuda were weak by emotions, let Rudra show his powers, I know what I have to do, my aim is something else. Guru ji says we don’t have info. Dansh says we have all info in Shivanand, I wil find it from his mind, his mind is our servant now. Thapadiya Maai hears some sounds and asks Maya can she hear this. She says it means Rudra is coming. Rudra comes there and she smiles.

She goes and holds him, saying he will save Maya. Rudra says yes Maai, I have come. Bhairavi comes and Rudra says she is his Guru Mata, now everything will be fine in Mahakumbh. Thapadiya Maai says now Maya will be fine, she will get up and talk to us right. Rudra goes to Maya and is about to hold her hand, when Bhairavi asks him to stop. He looks at her.

Bhairavi says we have to give Maya a life. Leela tells her dad that Dansh does not love her. Dansh says how he killed Sahadev and beats Sahadev. Bhairavi talks to Rudra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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