Mahakumbh 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Mahakumbh 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Katherine beating the goons. Charles calls pout her name and she falls down asking for help. Charles shoots the guy and she runs to hug him. She thanks him. Maya asks Rudra why did he save her life, she told him to be away. He says you got hurt, show me your hand. She says yes, let it be, I don’t want to see your face, I would have died there. Katherine and Charles come there. Maya says its better to die, I can’t live with guilt in my heart and you have put more burden on me by saving my life.

She says you would like to kill me as I m the reason for Maai Mui’s death, you lost everything. She recalls Nanu’s words. She says she has killed Maai Mui, if you knew this, you would have not saved me, I wrote everything in that letter. He says I read it, I know everything,

I want to free you from this burden. She is stunned. She says you know the truth, and even then you came to save me, why. He says after Pandey died, I felt you are involved in this, but I came to know the truth that your family used you, I was annoyed as you were going far from me, I did not regard you Maai Mui’s murderer, this is truth. She says but she died because of me.

She says she can’t stand infront of him, I feel she did a sin. She says its said that good and bad deeds became equal in Kumbh, I want to repent for Maai’s death, the day I get free of the guilt, I will meet you that day and make a new start, but now I have to go, if you say of going Mahakumbh, I will kill you. He recalls his words. She says it would have been better if you killed me. She cries and says don’t stop me for Maai’s sake. She thanks Thapadiya Maai for supporting her when she was lonely, and she held her hand when she was away from her family. Thapadiya Maai asks her to go and regret.

Maya and Rudra see each other and get teary eyed. She leaves. Tiwari meets Rao and Rao asks for Charles. Tiwari says he might be roaming somewhere. Rao says find him, its imp, he is an imp link for us. He sees Shivanand and is glad. Shivanand says keep resting, don’t get up seeing a student, but a student has to bend infront of his teacher. He blesses Shivanand. Tiwari leaves them to talk.

Shivanand talks about their aim. Rao says Amrit has big danger over it and just Garuda can save it, and I know there are some more people who know it, and its international syndicate hunting for Amrit in this Mahakumbh. Shivanand says I know, I was captive in their clutches and got freed by much difficulty. He tells him everything. Rao says you have seen half truth, this syndicate’s motives are evil, they want to control the nature, its not about Amrit, and its about the humanity, I called you to help me, you know 7 Garudas can save the protector and I got two of them.

Shivanand asks who. Rao says one was here infront of you, and other is Charles, an orphan and I made him my grandson, he does not believe in these things, it means we have three Garudas, you, Tiwari and Charles. Shivanand says no, 4th one is my son, the most powerful Rudra. Rao asks where is he. Thapadiya Maai talks to Rudra. She says you are burning in revenge fire for Maai Mui and Udiya Baba’s death, did you think of her, she is running from herself, its very painful to hide oneself, she used to come to me and cry.

She says Kalpvaas, why do people come in Mahakumbh, to wash out sins, she went far and she will be back for which she went away. Swami Balivesh holds fire in his palm and plays dhol infront of the Lord idol. Nanu hears the sound and goes to see. Swami stops seeing Nanu.

Balivesh says I will kill them, no one can save them, I will end this Garuda tradition. He gets angry and Nanu asks him to have patience, don’t burn yourself in revenge, a war is won by all traits, you are getting lost in anger, the time has come, when we get Amrit, then you can kill Brahmanishts. He says calm down. Swami shouts and shows his rage. Maya walks on the ghat alone and cries.

Swami says he has think again to trust Greirson. Dadi tells Rudra that my heart says you will get Maya again, not because her love is true, but because you both are tied by Karma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Awesome serial

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    Awesome serial.. v have to encourage these kind of stories which r very rare to see..Rudra s excellent.

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