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The Episode starts with Rudra jumping inside the valley. Shivanand jumps next, followed by rest of the Garudas. Bhairavi folds hands and chants some mantras. She goes back from the cliff end. Rudra lands in the deepest level of the river bank. Shivanand and others come there too. They all look around the place. The girl asks Bhairavi where did they go. Bhairavi says it happens since decades, it happens every 144 years. She asks why. Bhairavi says as good has to win over evil. She asks why did she jump inside the valley. Bhairavi says to protect Amrit, some evils try to get Amrit, so Lord makes 7 Garudas/protectors, who will reach Amrit by crossing the 7 doors, they will protect Amrit and place it safe, so that life goes on earth. The girl asks will Ganga come and what about Rudra. Bhairavi gives hr hope.

The girl asks her to come, her grandpa solves big problems. She takes her to the minister. The Garudas move ahead. Rudra says we have to make two groups. Shivanand says they will to alert. Chalres asks how will they form groups. Rudra joins Charles and Katherine, and groups Tiwari, Shivanand and Thapadiya Maai. Shivanand says both ways meet at same point, we don’t know which one will reach the door first. Rudra says we can meet Mahaguru Dakshak there, who will stop us from reaching door. Thapadiya Maai says it means one will fight with him and other will try to reach the door. Rudra says we have less time and they proceed in two groups.

The girl brings Bhairavi and says she is Rudra’s Maai Mui, Rudra saved me from fire. He asks Bhairavi to sit. Bhairavi says she has to talk to him and sends the girl. He thanks her again. She says no need, that was humanity. He says if I can do anything, let me know. She says you could have done anything, but you did not. His PA answers her. She asks about water disappearing from Mahakumbh at night, he did not find it. She says this would have not happened without your help. The minister says its easy to blame us, and tough to understand, he has many responsibilties.

She says Rudra saved his granddaughter, when his dad wounded, he has chosen humanity so the girl is alive, and you have chosen selfishness. She says no one will save your grand daughter if everyone get selfish, and asks his answer. He says next time, I will also choose humanity. She leaves. The girl asks did she talk to Dadu, he will make everything fine. Bhairavi says now everything will get fine and hugs her smiling. Dansh digs the soil and plants the mines. The Naags come there and Dansh covers the mind with the soil. The Naags see Dansh and step on one of the mine. Two Naags die in the blast. Dansh, Vrish and Leela get shocked. Dansh gets stunned seeing Vrish come forward towards the mine.

Dansh stops Vrish and says its landmine and is very dangerous, and it looks his breath stopped. He asks them to come along. Vrish asks him how did he come. Dansh says his work did not complete there, so he has come here. Vrish asks what, to take revenge from Rudra. Dansh smiles and says Guru shows student well. Vrish says he knows to warn him. Leela and Vrish explain them his plan and Dansh recalls. Vrish says Amrit will be across the 7 doors, which Garuda will open, we will reach the Amrit this will be Garudas’ real failure, even Rudra’s.

Rudra, Charles and Katherine proceed. Rudra asks them to stop. Charles asks what happened. Rudra asks them to see. Chalres says its pit, you stopped me as if I stepped on landmine. Rudra says even that will come. Charles asks which way to take. Rudra says the one he can see and visualizes a powerful man.

Shivanand says we are Garudas, we have come to protect Amrit by crossing the doors. Ashwathama asks them to fight with him to proceed. The Garudas fights with him. Rudra says he is ready to fight with them.

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