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Mahakumbh 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Rudra to make the lep and says some mantras, explaining him that the person who bears pains for long gets most happy with the entrance of happiness in his life, but he still looks unhappy, what pain he has in his heart. Rudra says nothing, like you said I should be happy after getting all this, but still I have some emptiness, whatever I think, wherever I go, whomever I meet, this emptiness does not fill, why so. Dadi says its not your mistake, Lord has put the pains in your life and many people die before seeing such pains, you got pains of many lives, don’t fail by heart, you are Rudra.

Swami ji is busy in doing last rites and comes to know Devesh Nanu won’t come. Katherine and Thapadiya Maai go to free Maya. Anivesh is taken away. Devesh comes and

says stop… They all stop and look at him. Devesh says his last rites will not be done, he will be alive, he won’t die, his soul has to leave his body, my 24 years of work will be useful now, keep his body safe, think Anivesh is resting its happening as he heard, Amrit will come and they are also coming, then Anivesh will smile and get up to rule on earth.

Katherine and Thapadiya Maa hear this. Katherine asks her to stay here and she will go. She goes. Thapadiya Maai curses Balivesh. Tiwari gets a call that Rao got heart attack and says we are reaching, take care of him. Katherine hides and goes to find Maya. Tiwari pays for Charles’ tea and Charles says old man would have sent you. Tiwari says I respect Sir and talks to him. He says when a Guru gives knowledge to a student, then he becomes that which he did not imagine. Charles says destiny is a result of our ambitions. He says ambitions force us to do the work and it becomes our destiny. Charles asks why did he come here. Tiwari says your Nana got heart attack, I thought to tell you. Charles is shocked, and says doctor is there, he will be fine. Tiwari says fine, I m there to take care of him. He leaves.

Charles says what will Tiwari take care of you, nothing will happen to you as Charles is there with you. Katherine frees Maya. The goons see them and kidnap both of them, while they call for help. Thapadiya Maai looks on. Rudra looks at the half note fallen and picks it up. He recalls Charles. He says Charles. Charles says the same lines, and says we are together now, no friend, no wine, no girl, one rule broke when I got a friend like you, I told you in train we will meet soon and hugs him. They ask each other how are they here.

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Thapadiya Maai comes to Rudra. Charles says there are no less mad people here and hides. Rudra asks her what happened. She says Maya loves you a lot, if you don’t save her, you will go to hell, she is in problem. Rudra is shocked. She says she did not leave you, Balivesh held her captive and Katherine told me to inform you. Charles hears this. Thapadiya Maai says they are taking her away from haveli so that she should not return, save her. Charles gets up as she was sitting on him, and she falls. Charles and Rudra get on the Sholay bike and she joins them too.

She shows them the truck. They stop the truck and have a fight with the goons. Rudra frees them and Maya gets short of breath. Thapadiya Maai too beats the goons. A goon catches the girls. Rudra takes little steps towards them. A goon brings a sharp sword and Maya shouts Rudra seeing him. The man hits him and Rudra is not affected. The goon says give Maya to us, else this girl will die. Charles takes out his gun and shoots the goon. Katherine runs and the goons run after her.

Rudra asks Charles to save her and fights with the goons. Swami talks to Grierson and says his anger will burn Shivanand and Rudra. The man comes and says they were taking Maya, but Rudra saved her and Katherine is helping them. Swami ji aims to kill him as he is useless but leaves as Grierson asks does his anger solve the problem. Swami says we had Maya to control Rudra, but now she is gone, she can become a reason of our destruction. Grierson says the game is not yet over, we still have a trump card.

Katherine runs in the jungle and Charles looks for her. She gets surrounded by the goons and shows some good kicks to them. Her Garuda sign is shown at her waist.

Nanu says the day we get Amrit….. Rao says just Garuda can protect Amrit. Maya says she can’t live with burden on her heart and asks Rudra not to stop her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nyc show with unique concept & the best part is that it won’t unnecessary dragging .
    Gautam shining as usual but others are also equally good !!

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