Mahakumbh 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Mahakumbh 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivanand coming to Rao, asking him who will he hit now on the back. He says he was his teacher and cheated him. Leela and Vrish are in the tunnel and see some wall. Dansh packs few things in his bag and gets ready. She leaves from the Naaglok. The old lady does arti and tilak of all the Garudas. Tiwari asks them to take care of everything here behind his back. Rudra says keep the ghat clean, I promise Ganga will be back on this Mahashivratri in 7 days. They all cheer for him.

Rao talks to Shivanand and says you are still the best student for me, whom I don’t want to lose, I can’t see your sacrificed, I want to see your good future. He says there is nothing right or wrong, the one who have Amrit, will make new rules of the world, you decide you want to come with me or

not. Dansh comes in the tunnel. Leela and Vrish come by the passage to come strange place. They get stunned seeing the way. Rao says he understood his decision and attacks him with knife. Shivanand holds his hand and says he can’t forgive him.

Grierson comes and puts gun at Shivanand’s head. Dansh walks alone and sees a way. Bhairavi says these 7 days are test of them and ours too, they will try to reach Ganga and we will reach the result, till the good did not win over evil both ways, they can’t get the result, so are they ready for the war. They all say yes. Rudra signs Charles and they start leaving. Maya cries. Dansh comes to the strange place, and sees the path. He proceeds.

Bhairavi says its time, are you all ready. Rudra says but Baba…. She says you said it’s a responsibility, not any punishment, anyone who does not want to come can go back. Rudra says this can’t happen, protecting Amrit is his life’s mission, he has bear tortures and not let the secret come, we are close to the aim, Baba can’t move back. She says anything can happen, a heart is deep like sea.

He says Baba can’t fall weak, its impossible. She says she knows its possible, so she has warned them to be ready for every challenge. She says we can’t wait more, they all have to enter the valley. Rudra takes her blessings. Shivanand comes there running. He says Rudra….. Rudra gets glad seeing him. Shivanand says he is ready for the fight. Bhairavi asks them to win. They all go near the valley.

They all jump in the valley. Bhairavi explains everything to minister’s granddaughter about garudas. Dansh works out his plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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