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Mahakumbh 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tiwari smiling seeing Dadi. He greets her and asks you here Dadi. She says this chair was waited a lot for her, and he has linked her family in this Mahakumbh. He says I m glad your family is fine, my parents used to tell me about you, I did not meet you before, I m lucky to see you. She addresses everyone and says about Shivanand and Rudra starting the traditions of serving the ill people. She says she will be head now. They say they don’t have any problem. She invites Tiwari and a man says sorry to say, but Swami Balivesh is not here, we should wait for his opinion.

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Dadi smiles and says I don’t think Balivesh

or Devesh will have any problem with my decision. Tiwari touches her feet and she leaves with Rudra and Shivanand. Tiwari says the meeting ends here, we will inform about next meeting. They all leave. Tiwari smiles seeing the invitation. Rudra and everyone do the arrangements to start their Kund Panth again.

Dadi does the rituals and Shivanand signs Rudra. Rudra digs the soil. Shivanand too digs out by his hands. Dadi brings the flag and they raise it by fixing it. Shivanand and Rudra greet her and she does tilak to them. Dadi welcomes everyone in the Kalpvaas and says she was alive since 24 years with two incomplete Kumbhs, as she would have not died without doing her role in this Mahakumbh, and tells about Amrit. She says the servants can change, but service is immortal. People cheer for her Panth.

She says I want Rudra to take forward this. Rudra holds her hand and says no. He says she is the head, just her. Dadi takes the shank. Amrit vartate…………plays………. She plays the shank saying she fulfills her promise. Other people also play the shank. Thapadiya Maa sees Anivesh dead and says happiness will come, sufferings will go, I can see truth winning over evil, and curses them. She asks them to hear truth voice and they all hear the shank sound.

She taunts Swami Balivesh and says its true, your ear will get damaged hearing this. It’s a sign of war between truth and win. She says the day evil fails, I will dance. She dances around. Swami ji gets angry and asks her to stop it. She says evil will fail, a fearful man is dead. He raises hand saying mad woman, you don’t know…. She holds his hand and gives him an angry stare. He asks his men to take her away. She says you will die, when my son know this, he will send you to your brother.

Swami goes inside the ashram angrily and sees the new Panth formation form the terrace. He gets angry. Katherine asks Thapadiya Maai to meet Rudra, its about Maya, she is not fine. Thapadiya Maai says she went leaving letter. Katherine says Balivesh’s goons kidnapped her, she is here, find Rudra and tell him that Maya did not leave, its Balivesh’s plan, till then I will help Maya. Thapadiya Maai says I will come along. Maya is shown captive.

Devesh says Anivesh’s last rites will not be done. Katherine frees Maya. Balivesh gets angry and tells Devesh that Maya has run away. Rudra and Charles fight to save the girls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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