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Mahakumbh 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nanu telling Grierson about Mauni Baba’s yatra to Nakshatra and explains him. Grierson says he did much research and he feels he still has many thing to know. Nanu says books just give you knowledge, and this info can’t be found in books. He says its education and knowledge river, which can’t be put in books, its found in people. Grierson falls in Mauni Baba’s feet band he leaves. Nanu says you will be blessed. He asks Balivesh to find out Maya.

Shivanand tells his mum that she still blames him that he is selfish, but he is selfless. She says Amrit is my own family and traditions, there is one hope, leave it now. Shivanand says Rudra… Dadi says don’t get him in between. He says he is my son, and argues. He asks Rudra to say. Rudra says Dadi is right, when

a person is hurt, then I know how it feels, but we have to choose between hurting others and healing loved ones, and we should choose healing process.

Shivanand says this war is more than strangers and loved ones, you don’t know who are you, you are not understanding. He leaves. Swami ji catches Maya and his men tie her in ropes. He says I told you its good if your blood lost for family. He scolds her and says he won’t free her so soon, she is the string by which he can make Rudra dance on his fingers, how can he let her go. I would have killed you, but you both are imp for me, you can’t break my Chakravyu. She says you said right Mama ji, if I break this ties, where will I run, and I m get free when I die.

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He gets angry and comes to know Anivesh is critical. He leaves. Anivesh is very serious and Swami ji comes to see him. Dadi and Rudra sit at the ghat and have a talk. He says you sat here all night, you will catch cold, come. She says I did not stay what you are calling home, and says some phrases in Sanskrit. She says home is where from where we leave and we reach, family, happiness, peace, and now we are in a house, this place is better than that.

She says becoming sad is by nature, but look at me, my home burnt, I lost my son, I did not lose hope, but your face is saying something else, you met your father after 24 years and still your eyes are lost. He says nothing like that, I m happy. She says you are like your grandpa, you don’t know lying, you made face as if your wife left you. She asks is there any girl, he got hurt and has anger, but more on yourself.

She says she is reading his pain, she won’t ask till he says himself. She says you have grown up, if we understood everything in one sight, Lord would have not given us two eyes, eyes are given to see right and wrong, don’t do anything wrong in anger, ask me if you need. Its sunrise, and she smiles saying she wanted to see Ganga Mayya and sunrise. She says she was set inside the house for 24 years, and its time for her rise now. She plays the shank.

Tiwari talks to some people in meting and asks them to have food first, then they will talk. They see the rotten food in plates and ask Tiwari whats all this. Tiwari says we serve this to Ganga river everyday, everyone come in Mahakumbh to bath in Ganga to get free of sins, and now you all thinks Ganga will forgive you whatever you do, by polluting it. He asks them to think if anyone treats us like we treat Ganga, and if anyone questions on polluting Ganga, you try to say traditions and defend yourself.

Tiwari says Ganga is listed on number 6 worldwide being most polluted. He says you all have imp role in this Mahakumbh, I want to ask you is this right to pollute the Ganga. They agree to save the Ganga, and respect it else their traditions and beliefs are waste, they are with him.

Anivesh dies and Swami ji sits shocked and does his last rites. Nanu/Swami Devesh see his son’s pic and is called for the last rites of Anivesh. He gets angry and the man leaves seeing his raging eyes. Tiwari says the project Ganga is the subject of this meeting and stops seeing Shivanand, Dadi and Rudra. He says Dadi and smiles.

Dadi plays the shank, and comes to know Swami Balivesh could nolt come in meeting. Thapadiya Maai argues with Swami ji in her rude tone and he raises his hand. She holds his hand and shows her power.

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