Mahakumbh 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rao studying both the books and saying they are sister book,s one has questions and other has answers hidden and need decoding. He says he can’t understand anything, there is missing link between both books. Rudra thinks and says now there is one solution. He says we will give these books to Naags and get Baba back, and then we will get books back. Charles says I will take its pics, so that we don’t need them after we get your Baba.

He starts taking pics in his phone. Tiwari asks what happened. Charles says pic is not coming. Bhairavi says they have Amrit secret, if it could be copied, the world would have many copies. Thapadiya Maai says how can we give books, and what if they don’t give your Baba. Rudra says we can’t understand this without him. Rao says I m not

sure, we will lose before war starts. Rudra says we can’t risk any Garuda life, so I will go alone to get him. He hands over the books to Bharaivi and they leave.

Rao says Garuda head will decide, but I m Shivanand’s Guru, and I know if he was here, he would have died but not given books to Naags. Dansh gets glad and tells Guru that Rudra is coming to me with both books, I m excited. Guru says there is one more news. Dansh says tell me and looks at him. He tells him about Grierson trying to bribe him. Dansh gets angry and says we don’t need Grierson, Devesh and Balivesh, kill them. Naag Guru says don’t flow in emotions, keep eye on them, they can be used later. Dansh says human lives long thinking he will be of use. Naag Guru asks him not to take Rudra light.

Dansh says he is spoiling all the fun, someone strong has come infront of him, whose challenge looks exciting. Tiwari says maybe Rudra will change his decision till morning. Charles says he won’t, we will prepare ourselves. Thapadiya Maai says we should go for his help. Tiwari says we can’t know Naag’s next location.

Rao sits thinking. Charles asks him to say anything. Rao says what should I say now, I doubt on Rudra’s decision, if Shivanand knows if we have given books to save him then.. Charles says I have the solution, if we track the books by GPS tracker, then we can reach there. Katherine says superb. Tiwari says Rudra will not agree for this, we should not tell him, so that we can track him and cover.

Grierson says no, its impossible, Katherine can’t cheat me. Balivesh says its your end. Grierson asks what. Balivesh says why did you believe Katherine. Devesh says she knew about book except us. Balivesh says I don’t regret to lose book than seeing your state. Grierson says every action has reaction, I will kill Katherine and then take revenge from Rudra. Balivesh looks at Devesh.

Swami’s men come to Katherine while is sleeping in tent. Bhairavi rotates a stick in high speed and protects her. The goons get tenses seeing her. Bhairavi sees Katherine and says she is in deep sleep, let her sleep, she is seeing some good dream, let her dream, you came to take her right, forget it, if you wake her up then.. The man goes to hurt her and she uses her weapon/wooden stick to tackle him. The other men get shocked seeing her strength. She beats them alone and deals with them, even when a man throws knife at her. They run away.

Rudra looks on as the men run. He sees Katherine and Bhairavi. He says Maai Mui… She says sshhh.. she is in deep sleep, let her sleep, she is seeing some good dream, let her dream. He gets amazed by her goodness and looks at her. She asks what is he thinking, what was it your Maai Mui or…. Who has made the goons run. He says whatever, for me it was Maai Mui. She says its not harm to believe what heart wants, but its harm when it you its truth. He asks then whats truth. She says I m 7th Garuda, in Maai Mui’s look, I m Bhairavi.

He says no, you have such soul too who know me so well, how? She smiles and says I read, the one who know to read life, the world is book for them, I saw in your eyes who was Maai Mui and what was she for you. He says about the thread used to light diya. He says I understand, I can’t do any mistake by which I lose Baba. She says Naags just want both two books, Maa Saraswati can give the knowledge to know Amrit secret, and now Rudra is Maa Saraswati. He is puzzled and looks at her.

She says being the head means, where everyone’s sense stops, his sense will start, where no one can decide, he has to decide, when there is no one with him, he has to go ahead. She says but… like you take steps ahead, the challenges will be tough that going ahead looks impossible, but you have to move towards your aim. She holds him and explains. He looks at her.

Dansh tells Shivanand that no one can come between us and Amrit. Shivanand says Rudra will come and take me, no one can stop him. Rudra gets ready and says I m coming Baba. Meanwhile, other Garudas also get ready without informing Rudra to cover up for him at Naag place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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