Mahakumbh 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairavi saying the sign will form again even if Naags try to erase it, do they know this, or did they find any way to erase it forever. Rudra says we have to find them. Shivanand is held captive. Rao says just Shivanand knows the Amrit secret, Naags will not kill him. Charles meets him. Rao says I m fine. He says its strange that Rudraksh is not able to find Shivanand. Bhairavi says we can find it by second book. Rao asks who is she, and how does she know. Rudra says she is Maai Mui, and 7th Garuda, she is right, we should find it soon, but where it can be, any sign, if we got any clue.

Rao says Shivanand told Grierson has that book. Katherine gets worried. Rao says but he did not get it, its tough to say where it is. Bhairavi looks at Katherine. Leela sees Shivanand and

takes food for him. Shivanand’s sign is tried to be erased by laser. He asks can she stop this. She looks at the machines and stops the laser. Danch comes there and is stunned seeing Leela. He gets angry and shouts Leela. He comes inside the lab and starts laser again. Dansh slaps Leela and says if this sign is made again, Garuda will reach us and everything will be ruined, you are cheating Dansh. She asks what is he doing, he is ruining Naags name, she is ashamed to apologize to him.

He says he is taking revenge from Garuda, he will say why is he taking revenge. She says don’t try to fill poison in my heart, it won’t affect me. He takes her with him. Balivesh does the aarti in his haveli. Grierson comes to meet Balivesh and Devesh. He says I came to apologize, I met Baba and told him to make my direct link with Naag, I know I did a big mistake. Devesh calls him foolish. Grierson promises this won’t happen again. Balivesh says its cheat, you have to repent. Grierson says I m ready, Naag are finding the second book, we should give it to Dansh and they will join hands with us.

Balivesh asks him to repent and keeps his hand on fire, saying he gave warning before, that its his land and he has to obey their rules. Grierson gets hurt. Devesh asks him to have Prasad, and says we are together till you don’t want to eat Prasad alone and warns him again.

Dansh says the fight he is doing is since ages. He shows her some illustrations and says Rishi has two wives, one is mum of Naags and other is mum of Garudas, their mum lost a bet and became slave to them, but Garuda’s took Amrit for their mum’s freedom and cheated us. He says Garuda are our slave, they played game, else Amrit would have been with us, its our right on it, which they snatched from us.

Katherine thinks. Bhairavi comes to her. Katherine looks at Rudra and leaves. Bhairavi smiles. Katherine goes to Rudra. She holds him. He says 24 years ago, I got away from my dad in my childhood, I was small and could not save him, not this time, I want to know about that book. She says I know where it is. He asks how do you know. She says I can’t say, I know its with Grierson in Sreesanth haveli. He runs there.

Dansh says they gave the poison so that the Amrit can come up, and in return we did not get any drop, we can go to any extent to get Amrit, we want justice this time. Leela says so it means it was cheat with us, I can’t bear injustice, I m also with Naags in this fight. He says it means, with me and touches her face. She says with Naags and moves his hand. She leaves. He gets angry. Rudra comes to haveli and kicks the gate. Balivesh stops him. Rudra tells Devesh that he respects his relation with Maya, he does not want to harm them, its between him and Grierson, I request you not to come between, else there will be no one left in Sreesanth. Balivesh gets angry and Devesh stops him.

Rudra walks to Grirsion and he takes out a gun to aim at Rudra. Rudra does not stop. Grierson shoots at him. Rudra bends and moves, and no bullet touches him. Grierson runs inside the haveli. Grierson’s men stop Rudra. Rudra beats them. Balivesh sends his men too. Grierson looks on and rushes to his room. He closes the door. Rudra breaks open it and Grierson falls. Rudra beats him and Swami’s men attack Ruda. Rudra beats them. Grierson says I will say, that book is there.

Rudra looks at him and holds him in anger. He beats him down and Grierson asks why is he beating him now. Rudra says I will take the book, I want to say I did this state as you have tortured my dad for 24 years. He says I m not done yet, now my and my dad’s motive is much bigger than dealing with you. He looks for the book and sees a safe. He punches and breaks it. He gets the book in his hand and looks on.

Dansh tells Guru that someone has come infront of him who has strength. Grierson says he will kill Katherine. Bhairavi tells Rudra that his sense will start where everyone’s end.

Update Credit to: Amena

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