Mahakumbh 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tiwari asking his staff to set alert in all sectors and they are reaching. They leave and are on the way. Naag reach there and call Dansh. Dansh says he will give some time to them to place the bombs, and they should activate it and leave fast. Tiwari, Charles and Rudra reach there and the staff say they are vacating the people, but still there are lakhs and goons look same as Shivanand’s kidnapper. Charles says the poison can infect Ganga river. Rudra gets their last location. They all divide and try to save people by locating bombs and deactivating it. Dansh looks at the watch and says 3mins more. He says they are more eager than me and smiles.

The police vacates the place. Tiwari sees soil and recalls in FB shooting some Naags and their shows sole having that pattern.

Charles contacts Tiwari and says he reached there, don’t know where to go. Tiwari asks him to see around for the foot marks. Charles follow it. Dansh asks Naag are they ready. They say yes and wear some masks.

Tiwari gets to the place and runs inside. Charles too reaches a tent and looks inside. He sees the Naga leaving with the chemical. Dansh counts down. Chalres beats a Naag and knocks him down. Rudra reaches the another and throws thw wooden tent shade down. Tiwari reaches the last one. Dansh counts down in his evil way, while his Naags are getting beaten by the Garudas.

Rudra gets the timer and sees the poison bomb infront of him. The Naags attack the Garudas again. Dansh says no one can stop Dansh. Charles kills the Naag shooting him in the head. They all get the remotes and see 01… 00 in it. Dansh ends counting and says zero.. They all get glad that things are in control. Tiwari asks staff to call bomb squad. Charles says Rudra and DM Sir. They run to see reach other.

Rudra thanks Lord and faces Ganga river. Charles and Tiwari come to him. They see the Ganga and greet. They smilehavign saved the Mahakumbh and hug. They hear some footsteps and turn to see. Dansh claps for them. He says its commendable and they made impossible, possible and he came to applaud for them. He asks them to have chocolates. Charles beats him. He says Rudra, when your family died, they had my pic in their eyes. Charles and Tiwari aim gun at him.

Dansh says they all were good people and knew me well, I gave them bullets and giving chocolates to you. He asks did he not identify him, and gives him hint, that he is the one who held Shivanand captive and next hint, that he will be killing all Garudas. He goes far and near in seconds, and says I m the honorable Naag head Dansh. Dansh shows his hand and asks can they see the death lines. Rudra asks him to see himself, his lines started disappearing coming infront of him. Dansh gets worried and then changed expression of tension into laughter.

He asks did he do last rites of family one by one or together, I think its done together, if you waited for long, you would have done for your dad too, he got old, and I heard he has bear torture in Poland, but not able to bear here. He says he makes painful sounds and acts like Shivanand. Rudra fumes and recalls Bhairavi’s words. He says he promises that Dansh’s shouts and scream be more painful. He puts down the guns and also makes Charles and Tiwari keeo guns down.

Bhairavi asks Rudra to face the truth. Rudra and Dansh have a fight. Rudra sees Shivanand’s head in a box and shouts Baba. He gets back and Charles holds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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