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Mahakumbh 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra asking his dad not to come close to him, as he will also get hurt by him. Shivanand says this is your fate. Rudra says what fate, I lost all my loved ones by this sign, I hate this sign. Rudra requests him to make him free of this sign. Shivanand says I can understand. Rudra says you told me not to tell anyone about this sign, but it can snatched away everyone who loved me, supported me, I lost all of them, I was alive in cemetery as my Maai Mui was there with me, I lost even her. He says you want to explain me, Dadi was living like dead because of this sign, free me of this sign please. Rudra cries and says calls it unlucky.

Shivanand says enough, its not unlucky, I have spent 24 years being tortured, you can’t even count my wounds, this sign is the truth which

only few people get, we have blessings by my dad, our family got this big duty, you are the chosen one, its decided by him, we are nothing infront of his power. He asks what does he think, this sign is reason for his life’s sufferings. He removes his cap and shows him the sign on his head, saying its not ordinary sign, its blessing from Lord, we will die if we try to erase it. He takes a fire stick and puts on his head. The sign burns and still stays intact.

The lightning strucks again and Rudra looks on. Shivanand moves the fire stick and shows the sign being there and wound auto healing. He says you and me, no person can erase this sign, this is our fate. He says you are made to protect human kind and traditions, the day will come when you realize the powers of being a Garuda, you are the most powerful among all the Garudas. He says even I m one of them, and more 5 like us, our aim is to protect humanity from evil powers, the time is close, the last day of Mahakumbh, when the Amrit will appear and we have to protect it. Rudra looks on.

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Dadi chants some mantras and thinks something. She gets ready to leave and Sahadev stops her saying time is not good. Dadi says you can’t understand this, something happened and something is going to happen, and Amavasya is there in few days, I have to do Ganga Darshan and get some questions answered. Rudra comes and Dadi says I know its not time to go out but…. Rudra hugs her and says the time has come to go out, come with me. He smiles and says there is someone who has come back after 24 years.

Grierson talks to his boss and says everything is under control. He then asks Swami ji to find Shivanand along with the book, and make him reach Garuda, he is wasting lots of time. He says you just make false promises. Swami ji says only my dad can tell of some way now. Rudra brings Dadi and Sahadev to their kund ashram. Shivanand comes into light and Dadi is stunned seeing him alive. Sahadev hugs him happily and says I had belief that you will return, see your mum and son. Shivanand walks to his mum and touches her feet. He hugs her and she cries. She asks is he fine. He cries and nods yes.

He says about this Mahakumbh will be in their favor, her vow will be completed. She says its not right to make someone fall for our rise, it was their bad deeds, we should not hurt them or take revenge. He says our aim is not revenge, but… She says I remember everything, your wish to think you are special, and we have bear everything, we lost your dad, and suffered 24 years, I think you did not recover from your selfish wish. Rudra thinks Dadi did not forgive Baba till now.

Swami ji tells Grierson about his dad’s Guru and asks him to greet him. Grierson asks him to find Shivanand. Swami ji says you don’t know about Indian traditions, you can’t insult our Guru like this, Guru is the one who shows us light to make us get rid of the darkness of heart. Guru ji does some puja and writes something on a slate. Nanu reads it about Garudas troubling Nagvansh and Nagvansh started hiding in caves, they are getting born and dying to have one aim to fail Garudas.

He says they are waiting for 144th year Mahakumbh, they have practiced to have war with them. He says the Naags will win when Garudas get weak in emotions, seven Naags are eager to take revenge from Garudas, and they will come in this Mahakumbh for a big war. The Naags are shown practicing fights. They have the sign of snakes on their backs.

Dadi, Shivanand and Rudra come in open and start their kund. Dadi says Amrit is our life. She plays the shank. Swami ji is shocked by Anivesh’s death. Charles and Rudra fight with some goons to save Maya.

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