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Mahakumbh 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Rao and the minister talking in the conference. The panel board agrees to them. Dansh sits in between the tankers, and says come Rudra, see tankers are emptied on me, still the revenge fire is not ending, come soon and beg to me. The water showers on Dansh. He says people will have tears in their eyes and not a drop of water to drink, their protector to come to me, but he will not be able to go back. Thapadiya Maai takes care of people. She sees a mum and son bond and calls her son Deepak. She asks how is he. He says I m fine, where are you. Her bahu asks who is it, your mum, ask her about her jewelry and talks bad, saying she will not come in this house.

Thapadiya Maai cries and says she is in Mahakumbh hospital to take care of people. He says I will come now. His wife says

she will take her jewelry from her at any cost. Dansh smiles seeing Rudra, and asks him to come. Rudra asks why is he doing this. Dansh says to welcome you. Rudra says your fight is with me, why are you playing with innocent people. Dansh says you will come under my thumb when the people are hurt, see you have come for this waters. Rudra says you did not realize thousands of people are not getting water. Dansh says I realize, I know the bad state, so I have got the tankers and all waters in my control, I m estimating how many people will die each day, see the state after a week. Rudra says Mahakumbh will get water, today and right now.

Katherine talks to some people and men do not listen to her. She asks them to clean the place, and they refuse. She starts cleaning the place. The man says she is foreigner and still cleaning, so their countries are clean, and we throw the junk and not clean, lets go and help her. They all help her in cleaning the place. Bhairavi comes and smiles seeing the people working to clean the Ganga ghat. She sees a little girl working too and goes to her. She says whatever is happening is an avatar of belief, Ganga will come back for sure.

Dansh and Rudra have a fight. Rdura beats up Dansh. Rudra takes the tanker from there and leaves. The media covers the news that people are getting ill by consuming unhealthy water. Ministerโ€™s man informs him everything. The minister asks him to take the camera card from the reporter. The ministerโ€™s men send the media away. Bhairavi asks the old lady why is she not going, till when will she wait. The old lady says till Ganga comes, it has to come, she has strong belief, she knows Ganga will come, this Ganga bath is her last bath, without this, her life will not be complete.

Bhairavi says tell everyone, come. She asks everyone to listen to this lady, she feels Ganga will come back. She says the people are going back, they feel it will not come back, why are you waiting, tell them. The lady says she believes so, they pray to stone idol, they get peace in temple, as they belief Lord is there, so how will her hope break, her heart says Ganga will come back. Bhairavi says they all believed Lord, this is called belief, problems come of any type, but just belief fights with them, this makes the life possible, so their belief will bring Ganga back. They all cheer for Ganga Maiyya.

Shivanand fights and shoots Grierson and Rao. Bhairavi says Rudra you will get two ways infront of you always, a right and a wrong one. Rudra gets teary eyed and says Maya you will not be alone after I leave, Maai Mui will be with you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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