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Mahakumbh 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya smiling and arguing with Swami. Swami gets angry and Nanu stops him, saying Maya went on her mother and its good she died soon, as she was also like her, who went against us. He says he will give her a chance to repent. Rudra is hearing everything. Swami asks her to do Kalpvas in her room and free herself from Rudra, else he will kill both of them. Maya leaves crying. Rudra sees her and recalls her words in Banaras that she lost a lot and bad happened with her too. Maya recalls Swami’s words that he hates Rudra and her, and he used her.

Rudra comes to Nanu and Swami and gives them an angry stare. He says his trust won, Maya was not wrong, my Maai Mui was not wrong, I tested her and seen it. The game which you started, I will end it, I will punish you for what

you did with me and Maya, I can end the story with your death, but I won’t give a simple punishment, I will not kill you as of now, I won’t let your aim fulfilled, stop me if you can. Nanu laughs and says you don’t know whom are you striking with, you are in our cover and I can kill you right away.

Rudra says your true face will come out now, you lost a son as he won’t be alive now, prepare to lose another one, if Maya gets a scratch, I will end what you started 24 years ago in this Mahakumbh. He looks at Swami. Swami gets angry and thinks he found his weak point, he will take his revenge once his Guru ji comes. Maya comes to her room and slaps herself, breaking down in tears. She packs her bag and keeps a letter before leaving. Thapadiya Maai sees her running and asks did she tell Rudra. Maya says he will understand, he is not a kid, I m not running, I m leaving. Thapadiya Maai askls why did she give hope to Rudra, he wanted to marry her. Maya says you don’t know anything, don’t interfere. Thapadiya Maai says its cheating, and stops her. Maya says leave my hand. Thapadiya Maai says when my son comes and asks me, what will I answer him. Maya frees her hand. Thapadiya Maai says go, but you can’t go far with a burden on heart, he will find you wherever you go. Maya leaves. Rudra comes there and goes upstairs, to see Maya. He does not find her in room and sees a letter. He reads she went very far from him, and its imp to tell him few things, and he would have not let her go away if she was infront of him.

She says my mum said life is burden, I did not understand it in childhood and now understood it. She says I came to Banaras to get rid of a burden as Nanu told her that I m going to bring happiness, I did not know I have snatch your happiness, I got a big burden now, you felt you are responsible for Udiya Baba’s death and I got burden of Maai Mui’s death, I m her murderer, I told them that you won’t leave Banaras till Maai Mui is there with you, and they killed her, don’t come to find me, I m going to find myself, let me go away from you and my love was true, but Maya was a liar. He cries.

He comes out and recalls moments spend with Maya. Its night, he sits thinking that he lost everything and reached cemetery and got life, and when he lost cemetery and he got Maya, now he has lost hr because of this sign. He get angry recalling how he lost his loved ones. He removes his shirt and vest and looks towards his back. He takes a hot metal rod and burns his back to erase the sign. The storm comes and lightning occurs. He stops hearing someone asking him to stop. The burn makes heal on its own within seconds. Its Shivanand and Rudra turns to see him. Rudra is shocked seeing him. Rudra hugs Shivanand and cries. He suddenly gets away from him and looks at him.

Shivanand meets his mother and tells Rudra about Garuda and Amrit, he is one of Garuda and has to protect Amrit. Nanu says he has to take revenge from Garuda.

Update Credit to: Amena

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