Mahakumbh 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rao stopping Charles and Tiwari’s fight. Rudra says maybe Dadi knows about library. Sahadev says no, she does not know it, she is not safe, we have to shift her. Rao explains Tiwari and Charles. Rao says you are born for big purpose Charles. Charles says I m fine as normal human, stop this Garuda thing. Tiwari is stunned seeing Garuda sign on Charles’ back and asks Rao. Rao signs yes to him. Rudra and Sahadev leave. Tiwari tells Charles to believe that they both are Garuda. Charles asks can he believe him, its 1000 year old story.

Tiwari shows the sign on his back. Charles says its not a big sign, its nonsense if people are born with sign, start living for real. Rao says what I told you till today is true, there are more Garuda like you both. Charles leaves annoyed.

Dadi talks to Sahadev asking about Amavasya. He says its after two days. Rudra sits by her side and she says its good you brought me here.

Rudra says Maai’s words that our Karma is like our sweat, the more we run, it sticks more to us. Dadi asks who told you this. He recalls Maai Mui and says Maai told me. Dadi says everything ended two days before Amavasya, when your grandpa was attacked, I tried to save him, I gave him the water of Saraswati kund, but he refused and did not touch it. He says he told his last wish to keep the traditions alive and serve people, its your grandpa’s death anniversary today, you have to do the puja, go and have a bath. Rudra says yes and leaves.

Rudra does the puja for his grandpa and recalls Maai Mui’s death. He takes another leaf and does puja for her also. He asks Dadi to do it for Maai Mui also. Dadi agrees and guides him the process. He recalls time spent with Maai Mui and arranges food to give away by her name too. He then lights the diyas. Dadi says some lines and Rudra repeats after her.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

She says I will start serving people by Kalpvaas again. He says what happened with us will not happen again, I will take revenge for every wound and sufferings. Chote Mama Anivesh wins the wrestling and he praises himself. He laughs on others and says there is no one good enough to fight with me. He fights with two wrestlers at a time. The people cheer for him as he wins. Rudra comes there and steps inside the Dangal/wrestling ground. He recalls Anivesh’s words and gets angry.

Shivanand is trying to find all Garudas. He says the seventh Garuda is not in my sight, but I can find him by Rudra’s vision, I have to find Rudra first, where are you Rudra. He sees his childhood pic and says I m coming son. He checks some symbols and signs and makes notes. He enters the data and pattern changes in light universe. He checks his systems and gets worried. He says Rudra, you are there right now and gets worried.

Rudra removes his shirt and vest, and asks Anivesh to fight. He beats Anivesh. Anivesh falls and says it looks a good fight now. Rudra shows his power and stuns everyone. Mahakumbh title track plays……………. Koi to aaya hai………..Rudra beats Anivesh and he blows like cotton. He steps on Anivesh’s neck and Anivesh asks him to kill him. Rudra scolds him.

Anivesh is brought to the hospital and is in bad state. Nanu gets angry seeing his son’s state. Swami Balivesh brings Maya and throws her. He sends all his men and says see the result of trusting you, see him. Maya says he got this result of his deeds and argues. Swami scolds her and she says its my self esteem I got from my parents, and asks why did he think about her marriage with Rudra if he hates him. Swami tells her that he used her to bring Rudra here, ha hates her and Rudra, and he just wanted to keep Rudra here. Rudra hears this and Maya cries.

Swami threatens to kill Maya if she does not forget Rudra. Rudra scolds Nanu and says he will end what they started 24 years before, in this Mahakumbh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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