Mahakaali 8th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahakaali 8th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahakali says if you beat me in a battle tonight i will leave shiv and be yours. He says i accept this challenge.

Shiv and kartika are worried. Shiv says i dont know what will happen now.
Shiv says for greater things we sacrifice little ones.
Shiv says most important is believe in your mom she knows what she is doing.

Scene 2
Shiv comes in the battlefield. He says i came here with my will. I want parvati only. He says if you lose you will be mine. A woman has to be defeated by a man. Kali says you have insulted all women. I will fight on their behalf. Kalo comes in her 9 faces. He says i had to fight with mahakali only. This is cheating. Kali says this is your end. Lakshmi says every woman has mahakali in her. Kali fights with him. She says i will tell you a woman can be both parvati and mahakali. Shiv says today everyone will know what happens to anyone who doesn’t respect women. Kali says if woman can give life she can take as well. She hits shumbh.

Shumbh falls down. Everyone bows down to kali. Shiv says this is an example for everyone who disrespects women.
Kali says thanks for showing me what is right.
Kartika does shiv and parvati’s arti. Parvati shows her ninth face. Shiv sayss she represents women power. Everyone cheers for them.

Shiv sayss you wanted to ask something kartika? Whats differnce between man ans woman’s power. Indra says a man take cares of women and protects her. These are devis but a normal woman has to be taken care by men.
Shiv says anyone can be mahakali when needed be. Indra says I didn’t mean that.

Scene 3
A woman begs for her husband’s life. Lekhraj stops devi but she helps her. Lekhraj says but he is dead. The woman says then kill me too.

Lekhraj says every human has to die. Parvati says if you want you can bring him back. She says i am just a human. Shiv says nothing is stronger than love. Pray for him he will be back. Parvati says trust us.
The woman does arti.

Parvati says a woman’s love is more than any other prayer. The woman does anything to save him. Lekhraj produces hindrances in her way.

Precap-shumbh prepares to attack mahakali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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