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Mahakaali 8th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mansa grows old. She opens her eyes and looks around. parvati looks at her. She says mata.. Parvati hugs her. Parvati says don’t worry you are safe here. Wasuki says thank you so much mata. You completed my family again. Parvati says it is my responsibility. Parvati says come in Mansa. Nandi says I wanna see Mansa too. She sshoves him with fire. Kartika and Ganesh stop her. she shoves them too. Parvati says calm down mansa.
Wasuki says I am sorry maahdev and kali. Parvati says its not your mistake. Parvati says mansa I know you are scared. this is kelash none of these will harm you. That’s nandi. They are ganesh and kartik. Kartika says i am sorry I got worried for nandi. Welcome to Kelash. Parvati says that’s narain. This is mahadev. Wasuki takes Mansa with him.


says there is something wrong. She has some powers and she can misuse them. She can be dangerous. I have asked someone for help. Achariya comes and says I will help you devraaj.
Parvati says to Mahadev why did she get angry? He says because of the halahal powers in her. Parvati says I will be with her until she understands her powers. He says you need to stay away from her. She wont understand her powers if we stay with her. She has to find her own way no matter what consequences are.

Rishiwar says I have two people are here in kelash. They have powers to control her. Mudhpal and vidhal. They come to rishiwar. Rishiwar says they can be anyone. No weapon can kill them. Indra says even maahakali can’t stop them from taking her?
Wasuki says to mansa we have to go from kelash. she says why? He says we are nags not devs. We can never be equal to them. Parvati says what happened to wasuki? He says i should take mansa to nag lok. She wants to stay here. Parvati says yes for her future i will have to stay away from her and she has to decide for herself. Parvati says whenever you need me I will be there mansa. WAsuki says we should go now.

Ganesh says I feel like something is gonna happen and mansa will be the reason behind it.
Vidhul and Mudhpal stop wasuki and mansa. Vidhuul says give her to us. Kartika and ganesh come there. Vidhul says you can’t fight us. Ganesh and kartika fight them but their weapons can’t do any harm to vidhul and mudpal. He says laughs and says I told you. No weapon can ever harm us. They rope kartika and ganesh. Vidhul moves towards Mansa. She gets angry. He extends his hand towards her. Parvati comes and says stop. SHe stands in front of her kids. Parvati says better go from here right now. They laugh. Vidhul says your weapon can’t kill us. Parvati says i also don’t need a weapon to kill you. She picks a ball. Vidhul says this will kill us? He laughs. Parvati turns into mahakali. A fire ball falls on them and they burn. A shivling is placed there. Shiv comes. He says their promise couldn’t save them. If anyone tries to harm a child their mother can save them. Parvati says to mansa you have face everything that happens in your life. I am always with you. Wasuki says lets go mansa. Mansa says I wont go from here. I wont go to nag lok. I wanna stay here with mata.

Indra is angry. He says I should do something to ask her to go from here. Mata will kick her out.
Parvati dresses mansa. SHe says I am glad you stayed here. Parvati says you are safe here. I knew you are special to me. We are glad you are here. She says am I special? SHe says you are more special mata. There is no one like you in universe. Parvati says you can do what I did. You are my daughter. Every woman has kali in her. Mansa smirks.

Everyone eats food together. Ganesh says why didn’t father come? Parvvati says he will eat late. Mansa and wasuki come. she sits with parvati. She asks why ganesh has a trunk? Parvati tells her that story. Parvati says no one knows me as your daughter. Parvavti says I will invite everyone on food and tell them you are my daughter.
Wasuki says to mansa we are nga. you can’t say that you have a right on mata.
Parvati says we have to announce this otherwise they will think that we don’t consider her daughter.
Mansa says why do you keep stoping me? Mata told me I am special. i have her powers.
Parvati says she is like a baby. she wants people to know she is our daughter. Shiv says okay then I wont stop you. Mansa sees it from another perspective.

Precap-Shiv says she is a nag. Why she has so much respect.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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