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Mahakaali 7th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shiva says your this face will be known as Katyayni devi. Everyone bows down to her. Vishnu says world will know you from the name of Durga now. The savior of the world. Shiv says this sky will know as Jamundi Parvat. Parvati says you got to know most of my stories Kartika. Now you will know about Kalratri. The night turns dark. She says this is Kalratri. A very dark night of Shumbh Nishmubh.

Nishumbh says our end has started. Nishumbh says no.
Kartika come to Parvati with all the forces. Parvati says no force will come today. I will go alone today. They have insulted women always. I will go alone. Kartika says at least we can help you in finding them.
Parvati says today is Kalratri. Shi says a woman is stronger at night.

Shumbh says we have to stay here tonight.

We can’t go out. SHe can’t kill us after today. We have to be safe from her tonight. She will have to be mine. He comes to ground and sees that Kali has already killed Nishumbh. Shumbh is dazed. Kali looks at him and stabs him. He was dreaming all this. Nishmubh says what happened? he says nothing. We have to be careful tonight.

Parvati says why are you silent confused Dev? He says I have confidence in you. I am just concerned about you because I love you. She says trust me. He says I do. Do you need my help? She says your love and help made me who I am.
She says I need a promise. You won’t come to save me. He nods. Parvati leaves.

Sumbh says one sun rises it will all be over. Nishumbh is making circle with fire. He saays she can’t come out of this. Shumbh says we have to be careful. He says I won’t hide. I will give life to beat her Shumbh says I wanna win that MAhakali. DOn’t be stupid come with me. Mahakali comes there. SHumbh Nishumbh are dazed. She kills their men.
Nishmubh says I had been waiting for you. Welcome to your death. She walks towards his. Nishumbh says you came to your death circle. You can’t get out of here today alive. Shumbh says be careful lets go from here. He says I won’t leave. Kali says no one cans ave you today. A fire circle surrounds them. Nishumbh says only one of us will get out of this circle. Today you will know how weak a woman is. Kali says your will die.
Shiv says to Kartika we have to go today. Vishnu says you shouldn’t go there. Parvati won’t like it. Shiv says we have to do somethign. I will do what is important.
Kali beats down Nishumbh. She says today world will know the power of woman. There is a mahakali is every woman. You insulted women. She kills nishumb. All of their men run. Kali come shumbh. He walks towards Kali.

Shumbh bows down. He says I am sorry. Mahadev what justice is this? Will she attack me even if I bow down. Is she a devi? Kali walks towrds him. Shiv comes and stands on her way. He says you can’t do that. Kali says you can’t come in my way you promise me. After sun he will not be a good man. Shiv says you can’t harm a person who bowed down. If you want to you will have to walk over me again. Kali leaves her sword.
Nandi ties Shumbh. Kali leaves in anger. She sets everythign one fire. Shiv says stop it Kali. Kali turns into Parvati. All the fire stops.

Nandi detains Shumbh. He says you can’t go out off here. He says I dohn’t want to run either.
Parvati asys to shiv why did you stop me? i could kill him only tonight. Shiv says you wont have set a good example. You don’t want to spread his word. She says if sun rises I will have you make him live forever. He says do what you think is right. I wont come in your way this time.

Precap-parvavti says to shumbh if you defeat me in a swordfight I will be yours forever. He comes to fight with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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