Mahakaali 7th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati kills wanasur

Mahakaali 7th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kali is about to kill wana sur. She holds his hand and cuts his head. Shiv says this story will be known as kaniya kumari. Indra says people are free of his atrocities now. Ganesh says ma lets go home. She angrily looks at is head. Ganesh says why is she not being calm. Shiv says look at me and be calm. Parvati recalls all that Wanasur did. She screams in anger. Everyone is dazed. Kali walsk towards the fire his head. Shiv says every time she was kali she had control over her powers but Kumari doesn’t have control over her aners. Kali spills more fire. The oceans turns into lava. People on earth scream. Indra says please stop her from entering the sea. Please calm her down. Vishnu says people on earth are seeing affects of parvati’s anger. People are dying. Kids are screaming. Everyone

is dazed. Shiv takes out his snake. He says I have to go and protect my family. Vishnu says we have to do something.

Ganesh says I and Kartika will calm her down. Kartika says yes we will.
The snake comes and hugs his sister.. A fire falls on his sister and she is burned. He screams. Kartika and Ganesh stand in front of Kali and ask her to be calm. Shiv comes and says be calm gauri. She sits in front of her and says if you don’t calm down i will have to be in front of you and you will have to step on me again. She says stop dev. All the fire settles. Shiv says you koet your promise and killed Wanasur as well. She says bubt there is still a problem. Kumari comes there. Kali says open your eyes kumari. She opens her eyes and says mahadev you came when I asked for you as Jagatnat. Shiv says he is always yours. You found yourself. Kumari says I wont leave my place ever. I will sit there and pray to mahadev always. Kali says your faith will write a new story. Kali creates a temple for kumari. She says whoever comes there will find a life parter of her choice. World will know you as devi kaniya kumari.

Parvati ays where is wasu? Wasuki comes there with his dead sister. Everyone is dazed. Parvati recalls what she did. Shiv says calm down. Parvati says it was all my mistake. I killed wasu’s sister. Wasuki comes and says I have nothing against you. Parvati says I took the happiness from your life. You will get your sister. She asks shiv to give her life back. Shiv says I can’t do that. This will imbalance the world. Parvati says I wont let anything wrong happen. Please do this.
Shiv sits down.
Parvati tells everyone they are repenting. She says wasuki lost his sister I will give him his sister back. Shiv creates a new baby for wasuki and gives her to wasuki. Parvati hands her over to him. He says you should name her. Parvati says we will call her mansa. He says Mansa i wont ever let anything wrong happen to you. He leaves.
vishnu is worried for a new problem that is coming.
Parvati says I am glad mansa came to wasuki’s life. Mansa cries. It gives wasuki a kind of current. e can’t walk. He says what is happening.
Parvati says I want to give mansa all the happiness that my mother gave me. Kids aare a mother’s world. Shiv says a child find s her own way to world.

Wasuki falls down. Parvati comes there and takes the baby. Wasuki says I am sorry. Shiv says she has my powers and that is why he can’t handle her. Mansa is full of powers. Wasuki can’t handle her. Parvati calms her down. He says thank you mata. but what will i do her now. Parvati says we have to do something that her body can handle her powers. Take her to kelash. She can nurture there better. Don’t worry everything will be fine.

Mansa comes to kelash with wasuki. Mansa grows old.
Precap-Parvati says to mansa you are protected here. Two men come to wasuki and ask him to give them mansa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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